{"rows":{"row":[{"Nachname":"Gaida","Vorname":"Stefan","Positionsbeschreibung":"Executive Director","CV":"Dr. Stefan Gaida ist als Head of Asset Based Finance \u2013 Corporates im Bereich Investment Banking Products bei der Raiffeisen Bank International AG verantwortlich f\u00fcr die Finanzierung von Handelsforderungsportfolien. Hierzu geh\u00f6ren sowohl Factoring- als auch Verbriefungsstrukturen sowie insbesondere ma\u00dfgeschneiderte Transaktionen f\u00fcr Kunden in Mittel- und Osteuropa. Vor seiner Zeit bei der RBI war Stefan Gaida im Verbriefungsbereich der WestLB AG t\u00e4tig und betreute dort u.a. das ABCP-Conduit. Des Weiteren war er ma\u00dfgeblich an der Restrukturierung des strukturierten Kreditportfolios der Bank beteiligt. Stefan Gaida ist Diplom-Kaufmann und wurde an der Universit\u00e4t M\u00fcnster promoviert.","Foto":"Gaida_Stefan_10261_2017-07-19.jpg","ID":"10261","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Raiffeisen Bank International AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Asset Based Finance Corporates"},{"Nachname":"Helms","Vorname":"Dietmar","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Dr Dietmar Helms is a partner in the Hogan Lovells\u2018 Frankfurt office and a member\r\nof its International Debt Capital Markets group. Dietmar advises banks and\r\ncorporations on all aspects of legal questions relating to the banking, corporation\r\nand capital markets business. He focuses on structured finance and asset backed\r\nsecuritisations, general banking and finance law as well as derivatives and financial\r\nproducts.In addition, Dietmar specialises in ABS and ABCP transactions in the\r\nautomotive sector.\r\nDietmar regularly publishes legal articles and speaks at seminars in the fields of\r\ncorporate and financial law. He studied law at the universities of Frankfurt am Main,\r\nHeidelberg and Paris I Panth\u00e9on-Sorbonne and was awarded a doctorate (Doktor\r\njur.) in 1998. He qualified as a lawyer in 1999.","Foto":"Helms_Dietmar W._13431_2015-01-27.jpg","ID":"13431","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Hogan Lovells International LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"International Debt Capital Markets"},{"Nachname":"Hegyi","Vorname":"Daniel","Positionsbeschreibung":"Director","CV":"Daniel Hegyi belongs to the Conduit Finance Team of Commerzbank AG in Frankfurt, where he is a member of the origination team responsible, in particular, for trade receivables transactions for corporate clients. He started in the securitisation business of Dresdner Bank in 1996, where he became part of a small team setting up the multiseller conduit Silver Tower. Daniel joined Dresdner Bank AG in 1991 and worked in the loan \u2013 and venture capital business. Prior to working for Dresdner Bank AG, he worked as a credit analyst in the international loan business \/ Investment banking division of WestLB in D\u00fcsseldorf for 4 years. Daniel studied European Business Administration at Reutlingen University and at Middlesex University (London).","Foto":"Hegyi_Daniel_14587_2013-07-17.jpg","ID":"14587","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"COMMERZBANK Aktiengesellschaft","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Asset Solutions & Structured Finance \/ Conduit Finance"},{"Nachname":"Steinm\u00fcller","Vorname":"Werner","Positionsbeschreibung":"Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific and Member of the Management Board of Deutsche Bank AG","CV":"From 2004 to 2016 Werner Steinm\u00fcller was Head of Global Transaction Banking. In\r\nthis role he was responsible for leading Deutsche Bank\u2019s global efforts in Trade\r\nFinance, Cash Management, Institutional Cash and Securities Services and had\r\nadditional co-responsibilities for the commercial banking business in Germany.\r\n\r\nFrom 2003 to 2004 he was Chief Operating Officer for the Bank\u2019s Global Transaction\r\nBanking, from 1998 to 2003 he was Head of Global Banking Division Europe, and from\r\n1996 to 1998 he was Co-Head of Corporate Finance Germany.\r\n\r\nWerner Steinm\u00fcller joined Deutsche Bank from Citibank in 1991 and was responsible\r\nfor the origination of investment banking products and for the execution of ECM\r\ntransactions. He served as Head of Corporate Relationship Management for\r\nContinental Europe and prior to this he was Co-head of the Investment Banking\r\nDivision for Germany.\r\n\r\nWerner Steinmueller is chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Postbank AG.\r\n\r\nWerner Steinm\u00fcller studied at the University of Darmstadt and holds a master degree\r\nin mechanical engineering and business administration.","Foto":"Steinm\u00fcller_Werner_10169_2018-04-16.jpg","ID":"10169","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Deutsche Bank AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Dunker","Vorname":"Dirk","Positionsbeschreibung":"Executive Director \/ Head of Asset Backed Transactions","CV":"Dr. Dirk Dunker leitet das ABS Transactions Team der DZ BANK in Frankfurt und ist verantwortlich f\u00fcr die Origination, Strukturierung und\r\nAdministration von Verbriefungstransaktionen in Europa. Herr Dr. Dunker verf\u00fcgt insgesamt \u00fcber 12 Jahre Erfahrung auf dem Gebiet der strukturierten Finanzierungen und war u. a. zust\u00e4ndig f\u00fcr die Betreuung deutscher und europ\u00e4ischer Kunden im Bereich Corporate Finance in der DZ BANK sowie bei der Rabobank International.","Foto":"Dunker_Dirk_14571_2017-07-19.jpg","ID":"14571","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"DZ BANK AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Asset Securitisation"},{"Nachname":"Kl\u00fcwer","Vorname":"Arne","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Dr. Arne Kl\u00fcwer works as a Partner for Dentons Europe LLP. He heads the German banking and finance practice and the structured finance practice in continental Europe. He specialises in structured finance and restructurings with a special focus on securitisation and factoring, asset-based lending, innovative financings as well as loan trading transactions. In addition he has a strong focus on advising lenders and creditors in workout situations and in the context of restructuring distressed debt. His doctorate focusses on a comparative legal analysis of the legal framework for securitisations in the USA and in Germany and is one of the first academic writings on the subject of securitisation in Germany.","Foto":"Kl\u00fcwer_Arne_10280_2017-04-10.jpg","ID":"10280","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Dentons Europe LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Banking & Finance"},{"Nachname":"Meissmer","Vorname":"Volker","Positionsbeschreibung":"Leiter Securitisation Grundsatzfragen & Conduit Management","CV":"Volker Meissmer is the Group Head of Securitisation General Aspects and Conduit Management at the Landesbank Baden-W\u00fcrttemberg (LBBW). After working in corporate loans and managing the accounts of large institutional customers at one of LBBW\u2019s predecessor institutions, at the start of 1998 Mr Meissmer took over the development of a Competence Centre for asset-backed finance and then spent a number of years heading LBBW\u2019s securitisation activities. Located at LBBW headquarters in Stuttgart, Mr Meissmer is in charge of all fundamental securitisation matters (particularly regulatory concerns) as well as the management and structure of the Weinberg multi-seller ABCP programme. He obtained a degree in savings bank business management from the German Savings Bank Academy and is a member of various committees and working groups for the promotion of securitisation in Germany and Europe.","Foto":"Meissmer_Volker_13445_2018-04-04.jpg","ID":"13445","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Landesbank Baden-W\u00fcrttemberg","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Corporate Finance Spezial"},{"Nachname":"Papadopoulos","Vorname":"Dimitris C.","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of Structured Credit Syndication & CLO Origination - Europe","CV":"Dimitris joined Natixis in 2017 and currently serves as the head of structured credit syndication and CLO origination for Europe. Having worked in the financial markets since 1997 and in structured credit since 1999, Dimitris has occupied senior positions in structuring or sales in a number of institutions including RBC, BNP Paribas, CIBC, JP Morgan and Bank One amongst others. He holds a BSc Statistics and Insurance from the University of Piraeus and an MSc International Securities, Investment and Banking from the ICMA Centre at Henley Business School, University of Reading.","Foto":"Papadopoulos_Dimitris C._51316_2018-09-11.jpg","ID":"51316","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"NATIXIS London Branch","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Klotz","Vorname":"Thorsten","Positionsbeschreibung":"Managing Director","CV":"Thorsten Klotz heads a team of Moody\u2019s primary analysts in the EMEA region\r\nmainly reviewing Collateralised Debt Obligations (CDOs)(including Balance Sheet\r\nCLOs), granular ABS SME transactions and Asset Backed Commercial Paper\r\n(ABCP).\r\nThorsten Klotz has been lead analyst on various transactions, including CDOs of\r\nABS, Leveraged Loan CLOs and German SME loan securitisations.\r\nBefore joining Moody\u2019s in 2002, Thorsten Klotz was a Senior Derivatives Structurer\r\nat CDC IXIS Capital Markets where he was responsible for the development and\r\npricing of interest rate and inflation linked structures. Prior to this role, he was\r\nworking as a trader for callable bonds and equity linked structures at DZ BANK\r\n(former DG BANK).\r\nThorsten Klotz holds a degree in managerial economics (University of Passau) with\r\nmain options in insurance & risk theory, finance and statistics.","Foto":"Klotz_Thorsten_22042_2017-04-24.jpg","ID":"22042","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Moody's Deutschland GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Structured Finance"},{"Nachname":"Schaepersmann","Vorname":"Kerstin","Positionsbeschreibung":"Lawyer, Counsel","CV":"Kerstin Schaepersmann specialises in German and international structured finance transactions. She advises sponsors, arrangers, lenders, lead managers, issuers and originators on synthetic and cashflow securitisations (including CLOs, CMBS, repackagings and securitisations of trade and lease receivables) and secured loan transactions, as well as the restructuring thereof. She also advises on general bank regulatory questions (including licensing procedures and cross-border banking and investment services as well as regulation of derivatives and financial market infrastructures).","Foto":"Schaepersmann_Kerstin_17514_2018-07-31.jpg","ID":"17514","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Clifford Chance Deutschland LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Structured Debt"},{"Nachname":"Reich","Vorname":"Hans W.","Positionsbeschreibung":"Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats","CV":"Hans Reich is Chairman of the Supervisory Board for Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG since September 2008 and Chairman of the German Advisory Board since October 2008. His banking experience spans over 56 years, with his key competencies in Export Finance, Privatisation, SME Financing and Capital Markets spanning over Supervisory Board memberships at:\r\nLinke-Hoffmann-Busch AG (Alstom), Salzgitter 1994-2004, Thyssen Krupp AG, Duisburg 2000-2010, Ruhrkohle AG, Essen 2000-2005, IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG, Duesseldorf 1999-2006, HuK Coburg VVaG, Coburg 2000-2011, Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn 1999-2006, Deutsche Post AG, Bonn 2000-2006, Depfa plc, Dublin 2002-2006, Aareal-Bank AG, Wiesbaden 2002- 2013, Deutsche Afrika-Linien, Hamburg 2002-2009, and Advisory Board memberships at Chaoren Pokphand Group Ltd., Bangkok Thailand (since 2017), China Development Bank, Beijing 2001-today, WestLB, Duesseldorf 2005-2007, Fraport AG, Frankfurt 2003-2010, Cannonball Capital GmbH, M\u00fcnchen 2013-today, Wertekommission \u2013 Initiative Responsible Leadership, 2014-today, Hermes Kreditversicherungs AG, Hamburg 2003-2006.\r\nHans Reich also holds the following positions: He is member of International Advisory Council of China Development Bank and Hon. Chairman, Financial and Investment Committee Charoen Pokphand Group Ltd., Bangkok Thailand.\r\nPrior to joining Citigroup, Hans Reich was Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of KfW Bankengruppe (1999 \u2013 2006), where he also acted as Member of the Board (since 1990), Senior Vice President, First Vice President, Head of Special Export Finance and other roles previously (starting from 1966 \u2013 1999). Hans Reich is member of the Board of Managing Directors at Stiftung fuer Kapitalmarktforschung, Frankfurt in the period 2004-today.\r\nHe graduated from the Bankakademie e.V. Wiesbaden \/ Dortmund as Bankfachwirt in 1965. He started his career at Dresdner Bank AG, Gelsenkirchen in 1957 and was soon promoted to Credit Secretary in 1961.\r\nHe is married with one child.","Foto":"Reich_Hans W._21424_2016-07-06.jpg","ID":"21424","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Ohl","Vorname":"Alexander","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of Credit Solutions","CV":"Alexander Ohl has worked in Portfolio Management Fixed Income at Union Investment since July 2005. He is responsible for structured products and is Head of the Credit Solution Team.\r\nHe began his career in 1997 in market risk control at Rabobank, where his work focused on controlling equity derivatives. In 1999 he joined DZ Bank, initially working in risk controlling for interest-rate derivatives. From 2001 Alexander worked in Treasury and product development\/ structured funding. His work involved structuring and restructuring CDOs and other alternative investments. From January 2003 to July 2005 he worked as a portfolio manager at Gothaer Asset Management, where he was responsible for alternative investments, specializing in CDO structures.\r\nAlexander studied Mathematics and Business Administration at Justus Liebig University Giessen. He graduated in 2000 with a Master\u2019s degree in Mathematics.","Foto":"Ohl_Alexander_26826_2018-08-07.jpg","ID":"26826","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Fixed Income"},{"Nachname":"Schott","Vorname":"Konrad","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Konrad specialises in banking and finance law - in particular, asset and project finance, including aircraft finance and leasing and structured investments. \r\nHis recent work includes: financing structures for aircraft and airline groups, rolling stock and cross border lease financings, structured investment products and closed end funds. Konrad has a special focus on transactions in the aviation industry and other transport industries. As part of his general finance practice he advises on financial product insolvency issues. \r\nKonrad was born in 1965. He completed his legal education at the universities of Gie\u00dfen and Madison\/Wisconsin and holds a doctor of laws degree (Dr iur) from the University of Frankfurt\/Main. From 1994 to 1997, he practised at the firm\u2019s Frankfurt office before joining the legal department of the Commerzbank. From 1998 to 1999, Konrad worked as an in-house counsel in the structured finance department of Helaba Landesbank Hessen-Th\u00fcringen Girozentrale. Konrad joined the firm in 1999. He speaks German and English.","Foto":"Schott_Konrad_29589_2018-08-21.jpg","ID":"29589","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Finanzierung und Kapitalaufnahme"},{"Nachname":"Hackel","Vorname":"Eberhard","Positionsbeschreibung":"Senior Director","CV":"Eberhard Hackel is a Senior Director in Fitch Ratings\u2019 European structured finance and covered bond group and head of the Frankfurt based structured finance team. The team is primarily dealing with ABS, RMBS and CDO transactions from Germany, Switzerland and Austria but also with Russian and other Eastern European securitisations and with covered bonds.\r\nBefore joining Fitch in 2008, Eberhard worked in the risk controlling department of Landesbank Hessen-Th\u00fcringen (Helaba). His responsibilities included measuring the Helaba group\u2019s market risk and working with German regulators supervising Helaba\u2019s internal market risk model.\r\nEberhard holds a diploma in business administration from the University of G\u00f6ttingen and has earned the FRM certification of the Global Association of Risk Professionals.","Foto":"Hackel_Eberhard_25849_2017-08-16.jpg","ID":"25849","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Fitch Ratings","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"EMEA Structured Finance"},{"Nachname":"Batchvarov","Vorname":"Alexander","Positionsbeschreibung":"Managing Director, Head of International Structured Finance Research","CV":"Alexander Batchvarov currently heads International Structured Finance Research at BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research, encompassing securitisation, residential and commercial real estate financing, property derivatives, covered bonds, CDOs and consumer credit in EMEA, APAC and Lat Am. He has held this position since Oct 1998, and has also served as a Head and a Co-Head of Global Mortgages and other Structured Finance between 2007 and 2010.\r\nMr. Batchvarov joined Merrill Lynch in 1998, he initiated and built up the research coverage for mortgages and other structured finance consecutively in Europe, Australia, Japan and the emerging markets in Asia, Middle East and Latin America. Before joining Merrill Lynch, Mr. Batchvarov worked at Citibank, New York, as a Structured Finance analyst at Moody\u2019s Securitisation team and as a Sovereign Analyst at Moody\u2019s Sovereign Team in New York.\r\nMr. Batchvarov earned a MSc degree in Economics and International Economic Relations from the National Institute of Economics in Sofia, Bulgaria, a PhD in Economics from the National Academy of Sciences in Sofia, Bulgaria, and an MBA from the University of Alberta Business School, in Edmonton, Canada. He is a CFA Charterholder and a Member of AIMR and NYSSA.","Foto":"Batchvarov_Alexander_32345_2015-06-01.jpg","ID":"32345","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Bank of America Merrill Lynch","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"International Structured Finance Research"},{"Nachname":"Holle","Vorname":"Levin","Positionsbeschreibung":"Director General","CV":"Levin Holle is the Head of the Financial Markets Policy Department of Germany\u2019s Federal Ministry of Finance. His responsibilities include the formulation of policies and strategies with respect to federal credit institutions, federal debt management, financial markets as well as anti-money laundering and international financial markets policy. He is also responsible for the supervision of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and the Financial Market Stabilisation Authority. Additionally he is supervisory board member of the Deutsche Bahn AG since 2018.\r\n\r\nPrior to joining the German Finance Ministry he worked 15 years for the management consultancy Boston Consulting Group, his last position being Senior Partner and Managing Director of the Berlin office. In 1996 he earned his Ph.D. at the University of G\u00f6ttingen.","Foto":"Holle_Levin_33721_2017-03-01.jpg","ID":"33721","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Bundesministerium der Finanzen","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Financial Markets Policy Abteilung VII"},{"Nachname":"Tuchenhagen","Vorname":"David","Positionsbeschreibung":"Director, Structured Finance Ratings","CV":"David Tuchenhagen is a Director with S&P Global Ratings in the European Structured Finance Group, based in Frankfurt (Germany), and lead analyst for Structured Finance in German speaking Europe.\r\nSince joining S&P Global Ratings in 2013, he is focusing on securitizations of predominantly German assets and has been involved in various true sale and synthetic transactions like Auto and Consumer ABS, RMBS, and ABCP transactions.\r\nPrior to joining S&P Global Ratings, David had worked five years as credit analyst for ABS Investments in the credit department and as fixed income analyst in the trading floor research team of Landesbank Berlin AG, Berlin.","Foto":"Tuchenhagen_David_31388_2018-07-24.jpg","ID":"31388","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"S&P Global Ratings Europe Limited","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Kreditabteilung"},{"Nachname":"Romani","Vorname":"Aldo","Positionsbeschreibung":"Deputy Head of Division - Euro Funding","CV":"A graduate in monetary and financial economics of Bocconi University in Milan, Aldo is Deputy Head of Funding, Euro, at the European Investment Bank, the largest multilateral issuer and the largest issuer of Green Bonds to date.\r\nAldo began to integrate social responsibility considerations into EIB\u2019s funding strategy in 2007, shaping the first Green Bond ever in that year and overseeing EIB\u2019s EUR Green Bond issuance since. He structured the due diligence and upgrade of EIB\u2019s Green Bond administration in 2014, coordinated the IFI- and GBP-working groups on impact reporting harmonization in 2015\/2016, and managed the KPMG-audit leading to the first Independent Reasonable Assurance Report of EIB\u2019s entire Green Bond practice (issuance, administration and reporting) of September 2016. He has coordinated EIB\u2019s cooperation with PBOC\/CGFC on green bond harmonisation (Joint White Paper of 11\/2017) as well as the technical and market-related contributions to the EC\u2019s HLEG on a green taxonomy for the use of proceeds. \r\nEngagement and results have won him broad market recognition, witnessed by Global Capital\u2019s Awards as \u201cOverall Most Impressive Green\/SRI Bond Funding Official\u201d in 2015, 2016 and 2017 as well as Environmental Finance Magazine\u2019s Green Bond Award as \u201cPersonality of the year\u201d in 2018.","Foto":"Romani_Aldo_46403_2018-06-27.jpg","ID":"46403","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"European Investment Bank","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"V\u00f6lk","Vorname":"Philipp","Positionsbeschreibung":"Senior Manager, Prokurist","CV":"Dr. Philipp V\u00f6lk ist Senior Manager bei PwC Deutschland im Sektor Capital Markets und verf\u00fcgt \u00fcber mehr als 11 Jahre Berufserfahrung in der Beratung und Pr\u00fcfung von Banken. Neben der Unterst\u00fctzung von Banken und anderen Kapitalmarktteilnehmern bei der Umsetzung von Anforderungen aus den Bereichen Regulatorik und Risikomanagement mit aktuell starkem Brexit-Bezug stellt die transaktionsbegleitende Beratung von Verbriefungs- und Structured Finance-Transaktionen einen langj\u00e4hrigen Schwerpunkt seiner T\u00e4tigkeit dar.","Foto":"V\u00f6lk_Philipp_32085_2017-05-22.jpg","ID":"32085","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Capital Markets"},{"Nachname":"Khader","Vorname":"Kais Martin","Positionsbeschreibung":"Structurer","CV":"Kais Khader joined the ABS structuring team of Volkswagen Financial Services AG (VW FS AG) in 2012. In recent years, he has worked on several ABS transactions in Germany, Mexico, Japan, Sweden and Australia. Furthermore, he continues to work on the establishment of new markets and ABS related products for VW FS AG. His wider field of activities also covers the support of treasury management functions for all VW FS entities in the Asia-Pacific region.","Foto":"Khader_Kais Martin_33618_2018-08-13.jpg","ID":"33618","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Volkswagen Bank GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Treasury Department"},{"Nachname":"Garrod","Vorname":"Alexander","Positionsbeschreibung":"Senior Vice President, European ABS","CV":"Alex joined DBRS Ratings Limited in July 2012 where he rates European auto loan \/ lease, credit card and consumer loan ABS transactions. \r\nFollowing a degree in Economics, Alex started his career on Ford Motor Company's graduate programme with FCE Bank in 1997. He spent eleven years with FCE including roles within European operations, finance, retail \/ wholesale risk and securitisation where he supported the retail and dealer floorplan Globaldrive programme. In 2008 he joined Lloyds Banking Group to develop its securitisation capabilities through Master Trust structures for its UK credit card (Penarth) and personal loan business units.","Foto":"Garrod_Alexander_35589_2017-07-19.jpg","ID":"35589","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"DBRS Ratings Limited","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Global Structured Finance"},{"Nachname":"Baberowski","Vorname":"J\u00f6rg","Positionsbeschreibung":"Professor f\u00fcr Geschichte Osteuropas","CV":"24.03.1961 geboren in Radolfzell, Kreis Konstanz.\r\n1982 Abitur am Campe-Gymnasium in Holzminden, Niedersachsen.\r\n1982-1988 Studium der Geschichte und Philosophie an der Universit\u00e4t G\u00f6ttingen.\r\n1988 Magisterexamen in den F\u00e4chern Geschichte und Philosophie. Thema der Magisterarbeit: \"Politische Justiz im ausgehenden Zarenreich 1864-1917\".\r\n1989-1994 wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Seminar f\u00fcr Osteurop\u00e4ische Geschichte an der Universit\u00e4t Frankfurt am Main.\r\n1994 Promotion zum Doktor der Philosophie an der Historischen Fakult\u00e4t der Universit\u00e4t Frankfurt am Main. Titel der Dissertation: \"Autokratie und Justiz. Zum Verh\u00e4ltnis von Rechtsstaatlichkeit und R\u00fcckst\u00e4ndigkeit im ausgehenden Zarenreich 1864-1914\", erschien 1996 als Buch.\r\n1994-2000 Assistent am Institut f\u00fcr Osteurop\u00e4ische Geschichte und Landeskunde der Universit\u00e4t T\u00fcbingen.\r\n2000 Annahme der Habilitationsschrift \u201eAuf der Suche nach Eindeutigkeit. Zivilisatorische Mission, Nationalismus und die Urspr\u00fcnge des Stalinismus in Azerbajd\u017ean 1828-1941\u201c durch die Geschichtswissenschaftliche Fakult\u00e4t der Universit\u00e4t T\u00fcbingen. Erschien 2003 als Buch unter dem Titel: \"Der Feind ist \u00fcberall. Stalinismus im Kaukasus\".\r\n2001 Habilitationscolloquium und Verleihung der Venia Legendi f\u00fcr Osteurop\u00e4ische Geschichte durch die Geschichtswissenschaftliche Fakult\u00e4t der Universit\u00e4t T\u00fcbingen.\r\n2001\/2002 Vertretung des Lehrstuhls f\u00fcr Osteurop\u00e4ische Geschichte an der Universit\u00e4t Leipzig.\r\nseit 2002 Professor f\u00fcr Geschichte Osteuropas an der Humboldt-Universit\u00e4t zu Berlin.\r\n2012 Preis der Leipziger Buchmesse in der Kategorie \"Sachbuch\/Essayistik\" f\u00fcr das 2012 erschienene Buch \"Verbrannte Erde. Stalins Herrschaft der Gewalt\".","Foto":"Baberowski_J\u00f6rg_50796_2018-04-13.jpg","ID":"50796","Titel":"Prof. Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Humboldt-Universit\u00e4t zu Berlin","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Philosophische Fakult\u00e4t"},{"Nachname":"Bernau","Vorname":"Timo Patrick","Positionsbeschreibung":"Equity Partner","CV":"Dr. Timo Patrick Bernau is Equity Partner at GSK Stockmann in Munich. His field of work includes regulatory, capital markets and insurance supervisory law. Dr. Bernau advises national and international banks, financial service providers, fintechs, insurance companies as well as fund and asset management companies in all regulatory matters including the structuring and distribution of their products and business services. \r\nDr. Bernau regularly gives lectures in the area of banking and insurance regulatory law and has published numerous articles on these subjects.\r\nHe advises in German and English.","Foto":"Bernau_Timo Patrick_44374_2016-07-28.jpg","ID":"44374","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"GSK STOCKMANN","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Bereich Banking"},{"Nachname":"Wandel","Vorname":"Esther","Positionsbeschreibung":"Leiterin des Referats f\u00fcr Investmentwesen","CV":"Esther has more than 15 years of experience in national and European regulation. In April 2016 she was appointed head of division at the German Ministry of Finance in Berlin, where she is responsible for asset management files, PRIIPs, EU prospectus regulation and regulation of securitization. Prior to that she was the manager of the fund policy team at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in London. Esther has worked seven years for the European Commission. There she was involved in numerous projects such as UCITS, PRIIPs, social investment and venture capital and wider asset management policy. Esther gained also broad experience with German legislation when she worked between 2007 and 2009 at the German Ministry of Finance and as a manager of the investment fund policy unit of BaFin in Frankfurt. In 1999, she started at the Banking Supervisory Authority, Berlin after having worked as an academic assistant at P\u00fcnder, Volhard Weber und Axster, Frankfurt (today Clifford Chance P\u00fcnder). Esther comes from a legal background and holds a doctorate in environmental law.","Foto":"Wandel_Esther_48095_2016-08-02.jpg","ID":"48095","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Bundesministerium der Finanzen","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Investmentwesen"},{"Nachname":"Engel","Vorname":"Alexander G.","Positionsbeschreibung":"CFO","CV":"Alexander G. Engel ist Chief Financial Officer und Generalbevollm\u00e4chtigter der solarisBank AG. Seine T\u00e4tigkeit bei der solarisBank umfasst die Bereiche Finanzen, Risikomanagement, Treasury und Business Intelligence. Alexander hat w\u00e4hrend seiner Zeit bei der Deutschen Bank in Frankfurt und London mehr als 10 Jahre Erfahrung im Finanzsektor gesammelt. Als Managing Director war er weltweit f\u00fcr das strategische Kostenmanagement und die Analytik verantwortlich. Zuvor hatte er leitende Positionen in verschiedenen Abteilungen der Deutschen Bank inne, unter anderem als Head of Analytics von EMEA Finance. Dar\u00fcber hinaus war er ma\u00dfgeblich am Ausbau des Gesch\u00e4fts durch strategische Akquisitionen der Postbank und der Berliner Bank beteiligt. Vor seinem Eintritt in die Deutsche Bank AG war Alexander als Assistant Manager im Bereich Audit Financial Services bei KPMG t\u00e4tig.\r\nAlexander hat einen MSc in Betriebswirtschaftslehre der Goethe-Universit\u00e4t Frankfurt mit den Schwerpunkten Rechnungswesen und Bankwesen.","Foto":"Engel_Alexander G._51511_2018-09-26.jpg","ID":"51511","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"solarisBank AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Takekawa","Vorname":"Daisuke","Positionsbeschreibung":"Associate Director","CV":"Dai Takekawa is a Transaction Manager at HSBC Bank in its Corporate Trusts and Loan Agency business in London, focusing on bond trusteeships and security agency work. Dai has over 10 years' experience in the Corporate Trusts and Agency sector. Previously, Dai was a Capital Markets and Asset Finance lawyer in private practice and then in-house.","Foto":"","ID":"48344","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"HSBC Bank plc","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Transaction Management Group Corporate Trust and Loan Agency"},{"Nachname":"Fehring","Vorname":"Dirk","Positionsbeschreibung":"Senior Director","CV":"Dirk Fehring joined Raiffeisen Bank International AG in early 2017, focusing on receivables and supply chain finance solution for international corporates. He gained more than 15 years of industry experience in international structured trade and receivables finance from various positions, inter alia as Deputy Global Head of Commodity Finance at WestLB AG and Head of Trade Sales at HSBC Germany. \r\n \r\nDirk Fehring studied international management and business administration at Otto-Friedrich- University Bamberg (Germany) and Warwick Business School (UK).","Foto":"Fehring_Dirk_50324_2018-06-27.jpg","ID":"50324","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Raiffeisen Bank International AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Asset Based Finance - Corporates"},{"Nachname":"Arnswald","Vorname":"Torsten","Positionsbeschreibung":"Leiter des Generalreferates Finanzpolitik","CV":"Economist and Senior German Federal Government official.\r\nFederal Ministry of Finance, Berlin, Head of the Fiscal Policy Division, since 2014. Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Chief Economic Advisor to the President, 2010- 2014. Federal Ministry of Finance, Berlin, Economic Advisor in the European Policy Department on EMU, Eurogroup & ECOFIN affairs 2005-2010. Federal Chancellery, Berlin, Advisor in the Economic Policy Division, 2003 to 2005. Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt am Main, Economic Analyst of Financial Markets Developments, 1998- 2003.","Foto":"Arnswald_Torsten_51282_2018-07-24.jpg","ID":"51282","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Bundesministerium der Finanzen","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Schwerdtfeger","Vorname":"J\u00f6rg","Positionsbeschreibung":"Senior Manager","CV":"Dr. J\u00f6rg Schwerdtfeger is a lawyer with PwC Legal\/PwC and has been counselling clients on regulatory and civil law matters for 20 years. His counsel encompasses product development in the areas of treasury, financing and trading with a recent focus on blockchain applications. His clients are credit and financial services institutions as well as tech companies and industrial groups. Dr. Schwerdtfeger obtained his doctorate at the Free University of Berlin with Prof. Schirmer, studied law in Munich und is an insurance clerk (Chamber of Commerce).","Foto":"Schwerdtfeger_J\u00f6rg_51469_2018-09-26.jpg","ID":"51469","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Financial Services Legal"},{"Nachname":"Allon","Vorname":"Niek","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of Debt Capital Markets","CV":"Niek Allon is Head of Debt Capital Markets at NIBC Bank. Niek joined the bank in 1997 and has since then performed several roles within Treasury, Structuring, Syndicate and Distribution. In his career he has gained extensive experience in issuing and structuring covered bonds, senior unsecured, RMBS and structured finance transactions. In 2013 he was part of the team that introduced and successfully issued the first conditional pass-through covered bond. Since April 2017 Niek has been appointed as the Chairman of the European Covered Bond Council (ECBC). As Chairman he is heading the Steering Committee that is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of the ECBC. Niek received his Master\u2019s degree in business administration from Groningen University and is a Registered Treasurer (post graduate course Treasury Management at VU University Amsterdam).","Foto":"Allon_Niek_32028_2018-08-13.jpg","ID":"32028","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"NIBC Bank N.V.","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Debt Capital Markets"},{"Nachname":"M\u00fcller","Vorname":"Peter Ren\u00e9","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of Capital Markets","CV":"Peter Ren\u00e9 M\u00fcller is Head of Capital Markets of Santander Consumer Bank AG Germany, which he joined in 2011. In this capacity, he is responsible for long term issuances of senior debt as well as covered bonds and ABS. He is also in charge of Investor Relations and Rating Agency Relations.\r\nBefore joining Santander Consumer Bank AG, he was head of Treasury and Capital Markets of Sparkasse K\u00f6lnBonn, the second largest savings bank of Germany, where he worked for 13 years. In various positions there and in previous functions with Ford Credit, ABN AMRO and Bankhaus Lampe he was all the way through his career closely related to the financial markets and experienced the upcoming of the European securitization and credit business from early stages until now.","Foto":"M\u00fcller_Peter-Ren\u00e9_33556_2014-08-21.jpg","ID":"33556","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Santander Consumer Bank AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Capital Markets"},{"Nachname":"Schmidt","Vorname":"Roman","Positionsbeschreibung":"Bereichsvorstand Corporate Finance","CV":"Roman Schmidt is Commerzbank\u2019s Divisional Board Member for Corporate Finance (CF) in the segment Corporate Clients. As such he is responsible for all Corporate Finance business of the bank which in turn delivers best-in-class market related and structured financing solutions to corporates, financial institutions and public sector clients. Corporate Finance has a global placement power among international (financial) investors and a distinct sector and capital market expertise. Before Roman joined Commerzbank in 2000, he held senior positions at Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Barclays.","Foto":"Schmidt_Roman_35456_2018-05-14.jpg","ID":"35456","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"COMMERZBANK Aktiengesellschaft","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Heinzmann","Vorname":"Andreas","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Andreas is a partner within the capital markets and banking group in the Luxembourg office of GSK Stockmann. He specialises in securities law, capital markets regulation and international banking work. Andreas advises clients on the issue of debt and equity securities (including stock exchange listings), securitisations, high yield bonds, repackagings, structured products and derivatives as well as syndicated lending, leveraged finance and debt restructuring. He publishes regularly in this field of expertise.","Foto":"Heinzmann_Andreas_43095_2016-09-22.jpg","ID":"43095","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"GSK STOCKMANN Luxembourg SA","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Capital Markets"},{"Nachname":"Brandt","Vorname":"Sven","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner, Leiter der deutschen Praxisgruppe Debt Capital Markets","CV":"Sven Brandt is a partner in Hogan Lovells' Frankfurt office and is head of the firm's German debt capital markets practice. Before joining the firm he was a partner at Luther, a law firm associated with Ernst & Young. He also worked for five years in the legal department of Deutsche Bank and three years for Commerzbank. Sven has extensive experience in asset finance, capital markets (both interest and dividend-paying stock), structured finance (including derivatives), debt repackaging and securitisation. He specialises in asset and structured finance transactions, capital markets products and regulatory implications of securities trading and settlement. Sven was a member of both the German regulators' (BaFin) and the German bank's association's (BdB) securitisation expert working groups and lectures on related topics at the International Real Estate Business School of the University of Regensburg.","Foto":"Brandt_Sven_11152_2016-07-21.jpg","ID":"11152","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Hogan Lovells International LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"International Debt Capital Markets"},{"Nachname":"Wittek","Vorname":"Nick","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Dr. Nick Wittek ist Partner bei Jones Day und seit mehr als 10 Jahren in den Bereichen strukturierte Finanzierungen, Aufsichtsrecht und Derivate t\u00e4tig. Er ber\u00e4t insbesondere nationale und internationale Banken, Versicherungen, Pensionskassen, Treuh\u00e4nder und Private Equity Investoren bei der Strukturierung, Umsetzung und Restrukturierung von True-Sale und synthetischen Verbriefungen und strukturierten Finanzierungstransaktionen. Neben klassischen Verbriefungen ber\u00e4t Dr. Nick Wittek auch zu ABCP Programmen, Structured Covered Bonds, Kreditfonds, Asset-based Lending Transaktionen, Factoring und Supply Chain Financing, Secured-Note Programmen und innovativen Finanzierungsstrukturen und Asset Klassen sowie zu regulatorischen Fragen (CRD IV, Solvency II, Anlageverordnung, AIFMD und EMIR). Ein besonderer Fokus liegt auf Blockchain basierten Finanzprodukten.","Foto":"Wittek_Nicolas_14187_2013-08-23.jpg","ID":"14187","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Jones Day","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Banking & Finance"},{"Nachname":"Schmidt-B\u00fcrgel","Vorname":"Jens","Positionsbeschreibung":"Managing Director","CV":"Jens Schmidt-B\u00fcrgel is part of the Regional Management Team in EMEA and is responsible for Moody\u2019s Investors Service\u2019s Frankfurt-based operations and outreach activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as Scandinavia. He serves as a senior point of contact to issuers and other market participants in these markets.\r\nPrior to joining Moody\u2019s in 2015, Jens was a Managing Director at Fitch Ratings in Frankfurt responsible for managing their German operations. As country head Germany he was responsible for business and relationship management in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As part of that role, he also oversaw operations for Fitch\u2019s Warsaw office and the Central and Eastern Europe region. He was also responsible for Fitch\u2019s representative office in Stockholm. For four years prior, he served as country director in charge of ratings for German banks for Fitch.\r\nJens holds a dual degree in European Business Administration from ESB Reutlingen and Middlesex University Business School. In addition, he has an Executive MBA from WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management and Kellogg School of Management.","Foto":"Schmidt-B\u00fcrgel_Jens_10174_2016-07-27.jpg","ID":"10174","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Moody's Deutschland GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Heuer","Vorname":"Dennis","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Dr. Dennis Heuer ist Rechtsanwalt und Partner bei White & Case LLP im Bereich Capital Markets. Er ist in Deutschland und EMEA verantwortlich f\u00fcr Strukturierte Finanzierungen (Verbriefungen, Strukturierte Kreditprodukte & Derivate) und FIG Solutions. Ein Schwerpunkt seiner T\u00e4tigkeit ist die Beratung und Begleitung von Kreditinstituten, Investoren und Versicherungsunternehmen im Rahmen von Portfoliotransaktionen zum Zwecke der Refinanzierung, Eigenkapitalaufnahme bzw. -entlastung oder der Risikodiversifizierung.","Foto":"Heuer_Dennis_13360_2017-07-10.jpg","ID":"13360","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"White & Case LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Capital Markets \u2013 Structured Finance"},{"Nachname":"Timm","Vorname":"Stefan","Positionsbeschreibung":"Director","CV":"Stefan Timm ist seit Juni 2014 als Head of Structured Finance Germany & Austria bei HSBC Deutschland verantwortlich f\u00fcr das Structured Finance Gesch\u00e4ft in Deutschland und \u00d6sterreich. Dieses umfasst die Finanzierung verschiedener Asset-Klassen wie z.B. , Immobilien- bzw. Immobiliendarlehen, Auto-Kredite, Auto-Leasing, Equipment Leasing, unbesicherte Konsumentenkredite, Kreditkartenforderungen, Handelsforderungen sowie Infrastruktur Assets und Non-Performing Loans \u00fcber strukturierte Finanzierungen und ABS. Herr Timm hat in den letzten 17 Jahren in verschiedenen Positionen im Bereich Structured Finance und Capital Markets gearbeitet, zuletzt bei RBS, und verf\u00fcgt \u00fcber umfangreiche Erfahrung in den Bereichen strukturierte Finanzierungen und ABS. Seit 2000 hat er zahlreiche \u00f6ffentliche ABS Bonds sowie diverse bilaterale und syndizierte Verbriefungsstrukturen f\u00fcr Banken, Finanzinvestoren, Firmenkunden, Leasinggesellschaften und Konsumentenfinanzierer und gro\u00dfe Portfolio-Transaktionen strukturiert und erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Die Strukturen umfassten sowohl True-Sale als auch synthetische Transaktionen, die entweder \u00fcber den Kapitalmarkt, die Bilanz der Bank bzw. Conduit oder als Privatplatzierungen finanziert wurden. Herr Timm h\u00e4lt einen Abschluss als Diplom-Kaufmann der Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Frankfurt sowie einen Bachelor Abschluss der Universidad San Pablo C.E.U. in Madrid.","Foto":"Timm_Stefan_14658_2018-08-27_0001.jpg","ID":"14658","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Structured Capital Markets, DCM"},{"Nachname":"Bauer","Vorname":"Christian","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Christian Bauer is an auditor at KPMG AG in the Financial Services department in Frankfurt am Main. As a partner, he heads Structured Finance and specialises in leasing, factoring and securitisation (synthetic and true sale securitisations). His experience covers audits at banks in Germany and abroad, leasing companies, factoring companies and special purpose vehicles for securitisations. He is a member of working groups at the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW) and at the Accounting Standards Committee of Germany (ASCG) and is the author of various publications on accounting issues.","Foto":"Bauer_Christian_10177_2016-03-24.jpg","ID":"10177","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"KPMG AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Financial Services"},{"Nachname":"Ziese","Vorname":"Stefan","Positionsbeschreibung":"Managing Director, Head of Conduit Finance","CV":"Stefan Ziese is responsible for the Securitisation business of Commerzbank with clients, including the Multiseller-Conduit Silver Tower. Since December 2004 he had been responsible for the securitisation team of Dresdner Kleinwort in Frankfurt, and from April 2002 \u2013 March 2005 in New York. Stefan Ziese has been working for Dresdner Bank since 1992, started as credit analyst, continued as auditor, later head of mission in the audit division, responsible for various national and international projects. Stefan Ziese studied and taught at the Free University of Berlin, the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN) as well as the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Washington, DC) and the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA).","Foto":"Ziese_Stefan_13395_2013-08-20.jpg","ID":"13395","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"COMMERZBANK Aktiengesellschaft","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Asset Solutions & Structured Finance \/ Conduit Finance"},{"Nachname":"Leipold","Vorname":"Stefan","Positionsbeschreibung":"Managing Director, Head of Receivables Financing","CV":"Stefan Leipold ist Managing Director und leitet das Team Receivables Financing im Bereich Securitized Products \/ Corporates & Investment Banking der UniCredit. Das Team ist zust\u00e4ndig f\u00fcr die Akquisition und Strukturierung von Verbriefungsstransaktionen auf Basis von kurzlaufenden Forderungen f\u00fcr die Kunden der UniCredit Group. Stefan Leipold ist seit 2015 bei der UniCredit Bank AG t\u00e4tig. Zuvor war er bei der BayernLB und war dort zuletzt f\u00fcr das deutsche Verbriefungsgesch\u00e4ft zust\u00e4ndig. Stefan Leipold ist Bankkaufmann und hat einen betriebswirtschaftlichen Abschluss der Universit\u00e4t Marburg.","Foto":"Leipold_Stefan_15950_2015-09-02.jpg","ID":"15950","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"UniCredit Bank AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Securitized Products"},{"Nachname":"Wichelhaus","Vorname":"Ingo","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of Asset Based Loans","CV":"Ingo joined MSPA in January 2015 and is Head of MSPA\u2019s Asset Based Loan Portfolio team including Shipping & Aviation Finance. Prior to that he held various positions at Portigon (formerly WestLB) between 1996 and 2014 including holding responsible roles for Asset Based Lending products and (Re)Insurance Investment Banking. Before joining WestLB, Ingo was at Citibank.","Foto":"Wichelhaus_Ingo_21217_2018-09-13.jpg","ID":"21217","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Mount Street Portfolio Advisers GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Auerbach","Vorname":"Dirk","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Dirk Auerbach is Partner in EMEIA FSO Assurance and FSO FAAS Leader Germany as well as German Brexit Leader. Furthermore, he leads the regulatory activities of EY in Germany and the EY EMEIA Center of Regulatory Excellence \r\nHe is a German Chartered Accountant and a German Qualified Tax Advisor and holds a Diploma in Economics. \r\nDirk Auerbach published a commentary to the German Banking Act and is author of several publications concerning regulatory and risk issues.\r\nHe is member of several working groups of the German Institute of Chartered Accountants and has 29 years of experience in the financial services sector.","Foto":"Auerbach_Dirk_22426_2017-04-24.jpg","ID":"22426","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Ernst & Young GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Assurance | EMEIA Financial Services"},{"Nachname":"Widmayer","Vorname":"Patrick","Positionsbeschreibung":"Vice President \u2013 Senior Analyst","CV":"Patrick is a Vice President \u2013 Senior Analyst within Moody\u2019s covered bond team. He had initially joined Moody\u2019s Frankfurt office as an CMBS analyst in the year 2006 and rejoined Moody\u2019s in 2008 to work in the covered bond team. Between spells at Moody\u2019s Patrick worked as an asset manager at DekaBank in Frankfurt. Earlier in his career he worked in the bank audit team of Ernst & Young. \r\nPatrick studied Finance and Accounting at Frankfurt\/Germany and Southampton\/UK University with the degree Diplom-Kaufmann. Patrick holds a certificate as Financial Risk Manager (FRM) and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).","Foto":"Widmayer_Patrick_23888_2013-08-16.jpg","ID":"23888","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Moody's Deutschland GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Malik","Vorname":"Saleem","Positionsbeschreibung":"Associate Partner","CV":"Saleem is an Associate partner in EY\u2019s Bank Restructuring and loan portfolio solutions team based in London\r\nHe is a UK licensed Insolvency Practitioner with over 20 years of financial services restructuring experience\r\nThe group offers services to the buyers and sellers of non performing loan portfolios as well as supporting banks and regulators through crisis situations \r\nCareer highlights include having managed the run down of Lehman Brothers European securitised products and NPL books and also having restructured Allied Irish Banks.\r\nSaleem is currently working with a number of Greek banks on their NPL resolution plans","Foto":"Malik_Saleem_51327_2018-08-13.jpg","ID":"51327","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Ernst & Young","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"FS Restructuring"},{"Nachname":"Dohrn","Vorname":"Thomas","Positionsbeschreibung":"","CV":"Dr. Thomas Dohrn is Legal and Policy Expert in the German Federal Ministry of Finance, dealing with regulatory issues of the banking sector. He joined the Ministry in 2008 and has worked on several national and European Union legislative proposals in the fields of prudential bank regulation and bank recovery and resolution. Since 2016 he is responsible for the negotiations on the ongoing review of EU banking regulation (Capital requirements regulation and directive, CRR\/CRD) and the legislative proposal for a minimum loss coverage for non-performing exposures (NPL prudential backtop). Until August 2016, he was seconded as national expert to the European Banking Authority (EBA) for three years. Dr. Dohrn started his career as a lawyer in banking and financing law at an international law firm in 2006.\r\nPlease kindly note that Dr. Dohrn is not acting in his capacity as an official of the German Ministry of Finance. Factual statements made or views expressed by him are his personal views solely. They do not constitute official information or necessarily reflect the position of any entity within the German government.","Foto":"","ID":"51540","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Bundesministerium der Finanzen","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Regulierungsfragen des Bankenwesens"},{"Nachname":"H\u00fcnnemeyer","Vorname":"Julius","Positionsbeschreibung":"Investment Director, Private Debt","CV":"Julius H\u00fcnnemeyer joined Prime Capital AG in 2012.\r\nResponsible for portfolio management, financial analysis and due diligence of deals. Prior experience in Private Debt Risk Management, Equity Derivatives Trading and Private Banking.","Foto":"H\u00fcnnemeyer_Julius_51315_2018-08-07.jpg","ID":"51315","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Prime Capital AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Pfuderer","Vorname":"Tobias","Positionsbeschreibung":"Leiter Konzernfinanzierung","CV":"Tobias Pfuderer, Leiter Konzernfinanzierung, CLAAS KGaA mbH\r\n\r\nTobias Pfuderer ist seit 2003 bei der CLAAS KGaA mbH besch\u00e4ftigt und seit Oktober 2010 als Leiter der Abteilung Konzernfinanzierung insbesondere f\u00fcr das finanzielle Risikomanagement, den Derivate-Handel, die Finanz- und Finanzergebnisplanung, das Asset Management sowie die interne und externe Unternehmensfinanzierung verantwortlich. Das Unternehmen CLAAS mit Hauptsitz im westf\u00e4lischen Harsewinkel ist einer der weltweit f\u00fchrenden Hersteller von Landtechnik. Das Unternehmen besch\u00e4ftigt ca. 11.000 Mitarbeiter und hat im Gesch\u00e4ftsjahr 2017 einen Umsatz von 3,8 Milliarden Euro erzielt.","Foto":"Pfuderer_Tobias_51510_2018-09-26.jpg","ID":"51510","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"CLAAS KGaA mbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Merbeth","Vorname":"Wiebke","Positionsbeschreibung":"Direktorin","CV":"Wiebke Merbeth ist seit Juni 2008 im Institutional & Corporate Business bei der HSBC Global Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH besch\u00e4ftigt und f\u00fcr die Akquisition, Beratung und Betreuung von Unternehmen hinsichtlich deren Kurz- und Langfristanlagen zust\u00e4ndig. Zudem ist sie als Produktspezialistin f\u00fcr die Integration von Nachhaltigkeit bei Kapitalanlagen verantwortlich.","Foto":"Merbeth_Wiebke_51211_2018-07-06.jpg","ID":"51211","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"HSBC Global Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"von Keutz","Vorname":"Holger","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Holger von Keutz ist deutscher Wirtschaftspr\u00fcfer und Luxemburger R\u00e9viseur d'entreprises agr\u00e9e und als Partner bei PwC Luxemburg t\u00e4tig. Dort leitet er den Servicebereich Verbriefungen. Sein T\u00e4tigkeitsbereich umfasst neben der Pr\u00fcfung von Luxemburger Verbriefungsvehikeln, die Bearbeitung bilanzieller und aufsichtsrechtlicher Fragestellungen sowie die Beratung bei der Errichtung strukturierter Finanzierungen. Daneben besch\u00e4ftigt er sich mit der Pr\u00fcfung und pr\u00fcfungsnahen Beratung von Kreditinstituten, Asset Managern und Wertpapierunternehmen und verf\u00fcgt \u00fcber langj\u00e4hrige Erfahrung in der Pr\u00fcfung von Jahres- und Konzernabschl\u00fcssen nach Lux-GAAP, HGB und IFRS. \r\nHolger von Keutz ist als Lehrbeauftragter f\u00fcr Wirtschaftspr\u00fcfung und Rechnungslegung an der Hochschule Trier t\u00e4tig und Verfasser diverser Ver\u00f6ffentlichungen zu Verbriefungen in Luxemburg.","Foto":"von Keutz_Holger_27158_2018-09-13.jpg","ID":"27158","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"PricewaterhouseCoopers, Soci\u00e9t\u00e9 coop\u00e9rative","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Assurance Audit"},{"Nachname":"Meier-Tanski","Vorname":"Helmut","Positionsbeschreibung":"Leiter Konzern-Treasury","CV":"Arbeitet seit knapp 30 Jahren im Finanzbereich, davon die letzten 17 Jahre in leitender T\u00e4tigkeit. Seit 2009 Deutsche Leasing AG, Bad Homburg, Bereichsleiter Konzern Treasury. Davor: Deutsche Post AG, Head of Group Finance; BGAG Beteiligungsholding, Head of Treasury; KfW Bankengruppe, Senior Risk Controller.","Foto":"Meier-Tanski_Helmut_29678_2015-07-29.jpg","ID":"29678","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Deutsche Leasing AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Weller","Vorname":"Michael","Positionsbeschreibung":"","CV":"Michael Weller ist nach fast 25 Jahren in vielen Rollen bei Clifford Chance nunmehr Retired Partner der Soziet\u00e4t. Heute konzentriert er sich auf seine bereits seit 2002 ausge\u00fcbte Lehrt\u00e4tigkeit an der Goethe Universit\u00e4t (Institute for Law and Finance) in Frankfurt am Main sowie der Lehrt\u00e4tigkeit seit 2014 an der EBS Law School in Wiesbaden.\r\nSeit dessen Bestehen ist er Mitglied im Verbriefungsforum der TSI.\r\n \r\nMichael Weller hat das Fundament seiner rechtlichen und Transaktionserfahrung durch 7 Jahre in der Rechtsabteilung der Deutschen Bank Luxembourg gebildet.\r\n \r\nZitat eines ebenfalls in diesem Markt t\u00e4tigen Rechtsanwalts: \"Er [beriet] eine gro\u00dfe Bandbreite unterschiedlicher Transaktionsbeteiligter seit dem Aufkommen von Verbriefungstransaktionen in Deutschland und hat das Produkt von Anfang an mit gepr\u00e4gt.\"","Foto":"Weller_Michael_10278_2013-06-26.jpg","ID":"10278","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Wittinghofer","Vorname":"Sandra","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partnerin","CV":"Sandra advises national and international banks and corporations on matters of banking and finance law. Her focus on structured finance and relating banking regulatory matters covers work for arrangers, sponsors, originators, trustees and rating agencies. She has extensive experience in ABCP securitization transactions as well in term transactions, covering a range of asset classes.","Foto":"Wittinghofer_Sandra_13439_2016-07-21.jpg","ID":"13439","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Baker & McKenzie","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Banking & Finance"},{"Nachname":"Albrecht","Vorname":"Radoslav","Positionsbeschreibung":"Founder & CEO","CV":"Radoslav is the Founder & CEO of Bitbond, the first global marketplace lender for business loans. The platform leverages blockchain technology to connect creditworthy borrowers with individual and institutional investors. Radoslav is a frequent speaker about financial innovation and financial inclusion using blockchain technology. Before founding Bitbond he worked for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and Deutsche Bank London in sales & trading.","Foto":"Albrecht_Radoslav_51336_2018-09-18.jpg","ID":"51336","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Bitbond GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"M\u00fcller-Rosentritt","Vorname":"Frank","Positionsbeschreibung":"MdB, stellvertretendes Mitglied Finanzausschuss","CV":"Geboren am 13. Juni 1982 in Chemnitz; konfessionslos; verheiratet; drei Kinder.\r\n\r\n2001 Abitur am Lessing-Gymnasium in Hohenstein-Ernstthal; 2001 bis 2002 Trompeter im Heeresmusikkorps III in Erfurt, Sanit\u00e4tssoldat; 2002 bis 2005 Studium an der Dualen Hochschule Heidenheim\/ Brenz, Abschluss als Diplom-Betriebswirt.\r\n\r\nSeit 2002 Mitarbeiter Deutsche Bank AG, 2005 Deutsche Bank, New York, von 2005 bis 2010 Deutsche Bank Baden-Baden und seit 2011 Leiter Private Banking, Deutsche Bank Dresden und seit 2015 Gesch\u00e4ftsf\u00fchrender Gesellschafter der verm\u00f6gensverwaltenden Gesellschaften Chemnitzer Grundbesitzgesellschaft bR und der Kamenica Immobilien GmbH.\r\n\r\nLions Club Chemnitz Cosmopolitan; Freunde der Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz.\r\n\r\nStellvertretender Landesvorsitzender der FDP Sachsen, seit 2017 Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestages.\r\n\r\nObmann im Unterausschuss Ausw\u00e4rtige Kultur- und Bildungspolitik Ordentliches Mitglied im Unterausschuss Ausw\u00e4rtige Kultur- und Bildungspolitik und im Ausw\u00e4rtigen Ausschuss, sowie Stellvertretendes Mitglied im Finanzausschuss.","Foto":"","ID":"51649","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Deutscher Bundestag","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Grasmann","Vorname":"Peter","Positionsbeschreibung":"Referatsleiter","CV":"Dr. Peter Grasmann studierte Volkswirtschaft und Statistik and der Ludwig-Maximilians- Universit\u00e4t M\u00fcnchen (Diplom 1980). Danach arbeite er als wissenschaftlicher Assistent am volkswirtschaftlichen Institut derselben Universit\u00e4t und promovierte im Jahr 1983 zum Dr. rer. pol. 1984-85 und 1987-1989 arbeitete er in der Bayerischen Hypotheken- und Wechsel-Bank als volkswirtschaftlicher Referent und im Aktiv-Passiv-Management. 1986 forschte er an der University of California, Berkeley und dem California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. Von 1989 bis 1991 arbeitete er als Financial Analyst f\u00fcr Merrill Lynch Deutschland. Seit 1991 ist er Beamter der Europ\u00e4ischen Kommission und arbeitete zun\u00e4chst auf dem Gebiet von Finanzintegration und Kapitalverkehr, sp\u00e4ter im Bereich gesamtwirtschaftlicher Analyse und Prognose und ab 2003 als Referatsleiter f\u00fcr die wirtschaftlichen Beziehungen mit Bewerber und Vorbewerberl\u00e4ndern. Nach einem Jahr Abordnung an das International Civilian Office im Kosovo kehrte er nach Br\u00fcssel zur\u00fcck zur Europ\u00e4ischen Kommission. Seit 2014 leitet er das Referat EU-Finanzsystem in der Generaldirektion FISMA.","Foto":"Grasmann_Peter_42432_2018-06-20.jpg","ID":"42432","Titel":"Dr","Firmenbezeichnung":"European Commission","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Referat 1 Finanzm\u00e4rkte und deren Infrastruktur"},{"Nachname":"van de Kamp","Vorname":"Kees-Jan","Positionsbeschreibung":"Senior Portfolio Manager","CV":"Kees-Jan van de Kamp is the Senior Portfolio Manager for Infrastructure Debt in the Specialized Fixed Income team of Dutch asset manager NN Investment Partners, which is the asset management arm of Nationale-Nederlanden Group, the leading Dutch Insurer with a history dating back to 1845. \r\nPreviously, Kees-Jan van de Kamp was at NIBC Bank where he worked in various infrastructure origination, execution and distribution roles in its offices in Frankfurt, London and The Hague. His last position at NIBC was Head of Infrastructure and Renewables Capital Markets, responsible for incorporating institutional investors in NIBC\u2019s infrastructure transactions such as North West European PPP and Renewable Energy projects. \r\nAt NN Investment Partners, Kees-Jan is responsible for the origination and portfolio management of infrastructure debt throughout Europe, including PPP, Regulated Electricity, Renewable Energy, Energy distribution and storage, Digital Infrastructure and Motorway and other Concessions throughout Europe. Next to this, Kees-Jan is managing a selection of Emerging Market Loans Funds, including the NN-FMO EML Loan Fund, which recently achieved first close.\r\nKees-Jan holds a master\u2019s degree in International Financial Economics from the University of Amsterdam (2001).","Foto":"van de Kamp_Kees-Jan_43760_2018-07-11.jpg","ID":"43760","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"NN Investment Partners Nederland","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Project Finance \/ Insurance Investments"},{"Nachname":"Daners","Vorname":"Tobias","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of ABS Structuring","CV":"Tobias Daners is heading the ABS Structuring team of Santander Consumer Bank AG since October 2015 with responsibility for the ABS issuances of Santander Consumer Bank AG. The issuances backed by auto and consumer loans include the well-established SC Germany Auto platform and retained transactions as well as securitizations with capital relief. Since joining Santander Consumer Bank AG in 2011 he worked on numerous ABS issuances of Santander Consumer Bank AG covering both the operational tasks reporting & IT and taking an active part in structuring. Tobias is holding a degree in mathematics of Westf\u00e4lische Wilhelms-Universit\u00e4t M\u00fcnster.","Foto":"Daners_Tobias_32724_2017-08-28.jpg","ID":"32724","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Santander Consumer Bank AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Capital Markets"},{"Nachname":"Walsh","Vorname":"Jonathan","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Jonathan Walsh is a securitisation partner in the Global Markets practice in London. He has authored, and been quoted in, numerous trade publications, particularly with reference to the new and proposed capital regulations\u2019 impact on securitisation. Jonathan provides insightful advice on securitisation transactions involving numerous different asset classes. He has acted for a broad range of clients - such as conduit sponsors, originators, lead managers, rating agencies and trustees - on term and commercial paper transactions that involved several jurisdictions, including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Jonathan Walsh also advises on transactions dealing with various asset classes, including insurance premium financing, residential mortgages, sub-prime mortgages, commercial mortgages, trade and supply chain receivables and consumer loan, as well as conduit and warehousing facilities.","Foto":"Walsh_Jonathan_34402_2016-07-21.jpg","ID":"34402","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Ashurst LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Sipkova","Vorname":"Tereza","Positionsbeschreibung":"Vice President \/ Senior Transaction Manager","CV":"Tereza Sipkova joined BNYM Mellon Corporate Trust in April 2011 as Senior Transaction Manager with a focus on German and Central European capital markets transactions including structured finance deals, corporate finance deals and also loan administration structures.\r\n\r\nTereza regularly works with and assists major corporates and credit institutions with domestic, European (ICSDs) and US DDTC issuances and settlements \r\n\r\nPrior to joining BNY Mellon, Tereza has worked for 6 years as lawyer in White&Case. She has studied law in Prague, Czech republic and holds and LL.M. degree from Institute for Law and Finance, Frankfurt.","Foto":"Sipkova_Tereza_17411_2018-08-21.jpg","ID":"17411","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"BNY Mellon","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Corporate Trust"},{"Nachname":"Chevalier","Vorname":"Sascha","Positionsbeschreibung":"Executive Director Securitizations","CV":"Sascha Chevalier ist seit 2001 im Verbriefungsgesch\u00e4ft der LBBW und verantwortet als Head of Securitization Trade Receivables die Verbriefung von Forderungen aus Lieferungen & Leistungen im Rahmen des von der LBBW gesponsorten WEINBERG ABCP-Programms.","Foto":"Chevalier_Sascha_21336_2016-07-27.jpg","ID":"21336","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Landesbank Baden-W\u00fcrttemberg","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Corporate Finance Spezial - ABS"},{"Nachname":"Bierwirth","Vorname":"Frank","Positionsbeschreibung":"Counsel","CV":"Frank Bierwirth verf\u00fcgt \u00fcber umfassende Erfahrung in der Beratung zu allen Aspekten des internationalen Kapitalmarktrechts mit Schwerpunkt im Bereich Structured Finance und Debt Capital Markets. Seine Beratungspraxis umfasst insbesondere die Beratung zu OTC-Derivaten, strukturierten Produkten, Emissionsprogrammen f\u00fcr Zertifikate und Credit Linked Notes sowie Verbriefungstransaktionen und Covered Bonds.\r\nFrank Bierwirth ist dar\u00fcber hinaus auf die Beratung im Bank- und Versicherungsaufsichtsrecht sowie im Investment- und Wertpapieraufsichtsrecht spezialisiert. Seine regulatorische Praxis umfasst insbesondere auch die Beratung zu Marktinfrastrukturfragen im Zusammenhang mit EMIR und MiFID II \/ MiFIR sowie Fragen des regulatorischen Eigenkapitals.","Foto":"Bierwirth_Frank_23274_2014-07-29.jpg","ID":"23274","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Latham & Watkins LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Harrschar","Vorname":"Sofia","Positionsbeschreibung":"Executive Director, Head of Alternative Investments \u2013 Real Assets","CV":"Dr. Sofia Harrschar ist seit 2011 bei der Universal-Investment und verantwortlich f\u00fcr die Abteilung Alternative Investments - Real Assets (Product Solutions). Aufgabe der Abteilung ist die Strukturierung komplexer Investitionsvorhaben aus den Bereichen Private Equity, Debt und Real Assets f\u00fcr institutionelle Anleger. Die entwickelten Strukturen werden auf der deutschen und luxemburger Plattform der Universal-Investment umgesetzt.","Foto":"Harrschar_Sofia_43475_2014-02-21.jpg","ID":"43475","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Socher","Vorname":"Oliver","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Oliver Socher heads the Banking and Finance Practice in Germany. He advises banks and investors in all aspects of banking and financing transactions, inter alia, in relation to national and international issuance of promissory notes (Schuldscheindarlehen) as well as in relation to acquisition and project finance, private equity and real estate financing transactions.","Foto":"Socher_Oliver_41829_2018-07-24.jpg","ID":"41829","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Baker & McKenzie","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Stoev","Vorname":"Georgi","Positionsbeschreibung":"Structured Finance Manager","CV":"Georgi Stoev ist Structured Finance Manager beim Europ\u00e4ischen Investitionsfonds und verantwortlich f\u00fcr synthetische und Cash-Verbriefungen in Zentral- und Nordeuropa (inklusive Benelux und Frankreich). Der EIF hat in diesen M\u00e4rkten innerhalb der letzten 12 Monate ca. 1.0 Mrd EUR in SME ABS investiert, hiervon betrafen mehr als 700 Mio EUR synthetische Transaktionen. Weiterhin ber\u00e4t er die Europ\u00e4ische Investitionsbank bei deren ABS Investments in diesen M\u00e4rkten. \r\nHr. Stoev ist seit 2009 beim Europ\u00e4ischen Investitionsfonds besch\u00e4ftigt und h\u00e4lt einen MBA und ist Absolvent der London Business School sowie der Chinese University of Hong Kong.","Foto":"","ID":"43756","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"European Investment Fund","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Equity investments and guarantees"},{"Nachname":"Grieneisen","Vorname":"Johann","Positionsbeschreibung":"Vice President - Senior Analyst","CV":"Johann is a Vice President \u2013 Senior Analyst in the structured finance group of Moody\u2019s in Frankfurt rating ABS consumer transactions. He has been working at Moody\u2019s for 5 years including 4 years in the Sao Paulo office where he was responsible for primary and surveillance of the entire range of SF transactions originated out of Brazil and the Americas.\r\nPrior to joining Moody\u2019s, Johann worked 9 years at Deutsche Bank in a variety of roles, including 4 years as an ABS Banker in the securitized products division in London with a focus on non-standard asset classes including insurance linked securitizations, student loans and nonperforming loans.\r\nPrior to joining securitized products division, he worked 5 years in the groups credit risk management department covering western European financial institutions, corporates, as well as risk managing the European ABCP conduits sponsored by Deutsche. He also was responsible for risk managing structured finance transactions originated out of Asia, and held short secondment roles in Australia and Singapore.\r\nJohann holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from a Brazilian Federal University as well as a Master of Science in Management from Purdue University. He is a CFA Charterholder.","Foto":"Grieneisen_Johann_44435_2018-07-31.jpg","ID":"44435","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Moody's Deutschland GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Bartsch","Vorname":"Daniel","Positionsbeschreibung":"Gr\u00fcndungspartner und Vorstand","CV":"Daniel Bartsch is a Co-Founder and board member of creditshelf,\r\nthe leading online lender for German SMEs. The platform\r\noriginates SME loans and distributes to professional and\r\ninstitutional investors. Since market launch in 2015 creditshelf has\r\nbeen growing fast and was granted the 2016 Frankfurt founder\r\naward. Since 2018, the company is listed in the prime standard of\r\nFrankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE000A2LQUA5). At creditshelf\r\nDaniel is in charge of clients and markets.\r\nDaniel has 15 years of experience in consulting and banking on\r\nan international level. Before joining creditshelf he was with a\r\nleading global investment bank heading institutional sales teams\r\nacross fixed income and equities products while being based in\r\nZurich initially and Singapore later. Before joining the banking\r\nindustry Daniel worked as a management consultant specialized\r\nin financial services.\r\nHe holds a Ph.D. in capital markets (University of D\u00fcsseldorf) as\r\nwell as a Diplom-Kaufmann from University of Mannheim.","Foto":"Bartsch_Daniel_48711_2018-08-07.jpg","ID":"48711","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"creditshelf AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"H\u00f6rter","Vorname":"Steffen","Positionsbeschreibung":"Global Head of ESG","CV":"Dr Steffen Hoerter is the Global Head of ESG at Allianz Global Investors which he joined in 2001. He is internationally responsible for the ESG integration strategy at AllianzGI including ESG Policy and Framework, ESG Investment Positioning, ESG Investment Offering\/ Product Design and ESG Client Investment Advisory. Dr Hoerter has published various whitepapers and thought leader pieces on financial materiality of ESG in Equities, ESG in Corporate Fixed Income, ESG in Sovereign Bonds and ESG in Strategic Asset Allocation. Between 2010 and 2016 he has been advising institutional investors, in particular pension funds in Europe on investment strategy, risk management and ESG. Prior to joining Allianz Global Investors, Dr Hoerter worked as a Management Consultant for banks and risk management at an international consultancy firm. Dr Hoerter studied Business Administration in Regensburg, Edinburgh and Ingolstadt\/Eichstaett. He holds a doctorate from the Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt, where he worked as a lecturer at the Department of Finance and Banking at WFI \u2013 Ingolstadt School of Management.","Foto":"H\u00f6rter_Steffen_51053_2018-05-02.jpg","ID":"51053","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Allianz Global Investors GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Strenge","Vorname":"Klaus","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Dr. Klaus Strenge\r\nPartner im Bereich Autobanken und Leasinggesellschaften sowie den Fachbereich Treasury \/ ALM\r\nDr. Klaus Strenge ist Partner bei der Unternehmensberatung zeb\/rolfes.schierenbeck.associates. Er ist im Bereich Treasury \/ ALM f\u00fcr die strategische Weiterentwicklung des Leistungsspektrums sowie die Kunden- und Projektbetreuung insbesondere im Umfeld der Autobanken und Leasinggesellschaften in ganz Europa zust\u00e4ndig.","Foto":"Strenge_Klaus_48418_2018-07-24.jpg","ID":"48418","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"zeb.rolfes.schierenbeck.associates GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Strategy & Organization"},{"Nachname":"Pollmer","Vorname":"Sebastian","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of Secured Portfolio Valuation","CV":"Sebastian Pollmer is head of EOS\u2019s Secured Portfolio Valuation department. EOS is expert in the field of international receivables management \u2013 including purchase of distressed loans. Sebastian joined EOS in 2016 and was involved in several secured and unsecured debt purchase transactions. He is focused on the valuation and pricing of real estate secured loan portfolios all across Europe. \r\nSebastian graduated from the Ruhr-University in Bochum and was previously working as Head of Structured Solutions for Norddeutsche Landesbank and as Manager for KPMG in the areas of Securitisations and Asset Sales.","Foto":"Pollmer_Sebastian_46243_2018-08-07.jpg","ID":"46243","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"EOS Holding GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Spro Johansen","Vorname":"Helene","Positionsbeschreibung":"Associate Director","CV":"Helene Spro Johansen is Associate Director with responsibility for the aviation industry in the project finance team.\r\nHelene was appointed aviation specialist, part of Scope\u2019s project finance team on the analytical side in June 2017. Helene has a wide experience on aviation structures such as operating and finance lease structures, private placements and cross-border transactions. Helene joined Scope in 2016 as Associate Director Business Development with responsibility for business development in the aviation sector and the Nordics.\r\nBefore joining Scope, Helene worked for several years structuring aviation transactions for Doric Asset Management GmbH, a German-based structurer and arranger.\r\nShe holds a BSc in Business Studies from Lancaster University and an MSc in Accounting and Finance from The University of Edinburgh.","Foto":"Spro Johansen_Helene_48393_2016-11-02.jpg","ID":"48393","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Scope Ratings GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Project Finance Ratings"},{"Nachname":"Fischer","Vorname":"Christoph","Positionsbeschreibung":"Division Head Structured Finance","CV":"Dr. Christoph Fischer, Managing Director\r\nGlobal Head of Structured & Trade Finance\r\n\r\nChristoph joined Bayerische Landesbank beginning of 2018 as Global Head of Structured & Trade Finance. His responsibilities include several specialized lending activities such as project, transportation and leasing finance. Additionally, he supervises teams of product specialists providing financial solutions for corporate and institutional clients in export & trade finance, working capital solutions and securitization. Before joining Bayerische Landesbank, Christoph performed various senior excecutive functions across structured finance at UniCredit Group, most recently as Global Head of Natural Resources. Prior to UniCredit, Christoph worked for KPMG\u2019s transaction services unit in Germany, the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) in Washington DC and as a research fellow in corporate finance at Munich School of Management. Christoph has extensive experience in corporate, project, acquisition, asset-based and trade finance. \r\nChristoph holds a Master\u2019s degree in business administration and a Ph.D. in finance from Munich School of Management (summa cum laude).","Foto":"Fischer_Christoph_50618_2018-08-07.jpg","ID":"50618","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Bayerische Landesbank","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Kr\u00f6ner","Vorname":"Henri","Positionsbeschreibung":"Business Unit Manager Legal","CV":"Henri Kr\u00f6ner joined the Amsterdam office of Intertrust in 2018 and is Business Unit Manager Legal at the Capital Markets Department. This department works closely together with Intertrust offices in other jurisdictions such as Germany, United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Intertrust is a global leader in providing services to asset based finance transactions.\r\n\r\nBefore joining Intertrust Henri worked at SGG for more than 8 years. He was director of SGG\u2019s Capital Markets entities and responsible for Structured Finance. He started his career in Capital Markets as a lawyer at Allen & Overy.\r\n\r\nHenri Kr\u00f6ner holds a law degree from the University of Leiden.","Foto":"Kr\u00f6ner_Henri_51285_2018-07-31.jpg","ID":"51285","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Intertrust (Netherlands) B.V.","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Bannwart","Vorname":"Markus","Positionsbeschreibung":"Direktor Product Solutions","CV":"Markus Bannwart ist seit 2015 bei der Universal-Investment und verantwortlich f\u00fcr das Solutions Team der Abteilung Alternative Investments - Real Assets. Er zeichnet verantwortlich f\u00fcr die Strukturierung komplexer Investitionsvorhaben aus den Bereichen Private Equity, Debt und Real Assets f\u00fcr institutionelle Anleger. Die entwickelten Strukturen werden auf der deutschen und luxemburger Plattform der Universal-Investment umgesetzt.","Foto":"Bannwart_Markus_51482_2018-09-24.jpg","ID":"51482","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Alternative Investments - Real Assets"},{"Nachname":"Sharkey","Vorname":"Martin","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Martin Sharkey is a leading CLO, securitisation and structured finance practitioner and partner in the Firm's Banking and Finance practice. He has expertise in many types of asset classes, including: CLOs, RMBS, CMBS, aircraft, covered bonds, portfolio sales, secured asset-backed lending and warehouse financing.\r\nHe advises CLO managers, arrangers, originators, investors and other market participants on a broad range of public and private securitisation and warehousing transactions. \r\nMartin is a frequent speaker at conferences, and author of articles, on topics concerning developments in the CLO market, and is a member of industry bodies, including AIMA.","Foto":"Sharkey_Martin_49695_2017-08-10.jpg","ID":"49695","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Dentons UK and Middle East LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"M\u00fchlholm","Vorname":"Arne","Positionsbeschreibung":"Member of the Board of Management","CV":"Arne M\u00fchlholm is Member of the Management Board of SEB AB Frankfurt Branch. He started his banking career in 1991 at HypoVereinsbank AG in Munich. From 1999 he worked for HypoVereinsbank AG\u2019s London office. \r\nArne joined SEB at the beginning of 2005 in London. He relocated to Germany in 2010 where he successfully built up SEB\u2019s Structured Finance and Investment Banking team. \r\nArne believes in people and their creativity. Happy people that deeply care about their clients make great business. \r\nYou always achieve more together in a team that cares, than alone.","Foto":"M\u00fchlholm_Arne_35137_2018-06-20.jpg","ID":"35137","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"SEB AB Frankfurt Branch","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Patel","Vorname":"Sachin","Positionsbeschreibung":"Executive Director - Senior Structurer","CV":"Sachin is an Executive Director in Natixis\u2019 Global Structured Credit and Solutions group. Sachin is responsible for structuring institutional investment platforms\/ partnerships and providing Financial Institutions across Europe with Capital, Liquidity and Regulatory Optimisation solutions.\r\nSachin previously spent nine years in the credit structuring department at Credit Agricole CIB. Initially, he was involved with structuring new issue structured finance transactions and he has spent the last five years working out the banks legacy US and European Structured Credit exposure. In particular, he led the structuring of capital relief and funding solutions across the portfolio.\r\nSachin is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a graduate in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Warwick.","Foto":"Patel_Sachin_43001_2018-08-29.jpg","ID":"43001","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"NATIXIS London Branch","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Jolivet","Vorname":"Guillaume","Positionsbeschreibung":"Managing Director, Head of Structured Finance","CV":"Guillaume Jolivet is a member of Scope Ratings\u2019 top management. He has been developing Scope\u2019s Structured Finance business since 2013 and has over 17 years of experience in credit analysis and ratings working at Scope, Moody\u2019s and UBS Warburg. From 2008 to 2013, Mr Jolivet held several senior positions at Moody\u2019s, including the supervision of its European CLO monitoring team covering 200 transactions (leveraged loans, project finance, SMEs), and senior analyst for financial institutions. Prior to 2008, he rated a large variety of structured finance transactions including CLOs, credit derivatives and esoteric asset-backed securities. He started his career at UBS Warburg as a credit analyst for corporates.\r\nGuillaume Jolivet graduated from EDHEC School (Grande Ecole program) as well as London School of Economics majoring in accounting and finance.","Foto":"Jolivet_Guillaume_44223_2018-07-12.jpg","ID":"44223","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Scope Ratings GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Esnault","Vorname":"Nathalie","Positionsbeschreibung":"Managing Director","CV":"In 1992, Nathalie joined Banque Indosuez in Paris as senior credit analyst for project and asset-based finance. Thereafter, she moved to the special situation team as originator and structurer, where she executed private asset-based transactions for corporate clients. In 1997, she moved to the securitisation team as structurer for public term and private securitisation mandates. Her experience in securitisation is very broad having worked and executed transactions based on all types of asset classes (residential and commercial mortgages, auto and consumer receivables, leases, corporate loans, operational assets, trade receivables, future flows etc.), jurisdictions (all major European countries, Eastern Europe, Middle East) and formats of execution (public \/ private, synthetic \/ true sale, risk transfer). She has also been instrumental in developing synthetic CLOs for balance sheet management at CA-CIB. More recently, she has been responsible of FI securitisation in Europe and thereafter of the London securitisation team. She is now in charge of developing new business and developing activity on large clients globally for securitisation. Nathalie is also a member of AFME securitisation board.","Foto":"Esnault_Nathalie_14573_2016-08-04.jpg","ID":"14573","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Cr\u00e9dit Agricole SA","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Securitisation \/ GMD"},{"Nachname":"Vollbracht","Vorname":"Reinhold","Positionsbeschreibung":"Bundesbankdirektor, Leiter Stabsstelle SSM-Bankenaufsicht","CV":"Reinhold Vollbracht ist Bundesbankdirektor und leitet seit Januar 2015 in der Zentrale der Deutschen Bundesbank die Stabsstelle \u201eSSM-Bankenaufsicht\u201c. Vor dem Beginn des Einheitlichen Europ\u00e4ischen Auf-sichtsmechanismus (SSM) war Herr Vollbracht von 2012 bis 2014 in der operativen Bankenaufsicht der Bundesbank t\u00e4tig, zuletzt als Leiter des Regionalbereichs Banken und Finanzaufsicht der Hauptverwaltung in Hessen. Davor war Herr Vollbracht \u00fcber 10 Jahre in der Zentrale der Bundesbank zust\u00e4ndig f\u00fcr den Bereich \u201eInternationale Eigenkapital- und Liquidit\u00e4tsregelungen\u201cder Banken und hat in dieser Zeit die Bundesbank in zahlreichen internationalen und europ\u00e4ischen Arbeitsgruppen vertreten.","Foto":"Vollbracht_Reinhold_17338_2015-06-29.jpg","ID":"17338","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Deutsche Bundesbank","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Banken- und Finanzaufsicht"},{"Nachname":"Ulrich","Vorname":"Reiner","Positionsbeschreibung":"Managing Director, Head of Conduit and Portfolio Management","CV":"Reiner Ulrich is a Managing Director and head of UniCredits' global ABCP Conduit and Portfolio Management within the Corporate & Investment Banking Division. He is in charge of the management of client transactions with a particular responsibility for funding and associated regulatory, administration and reporting requirements. \r\nReiner has been with UniCredit Bank AG since 1997. Before joining the Markets Strategic & Securitisation team at UniCredit Bank AG, he worked in Treasury involved in short- and long-term funding as well as in the regulatory funding and liquidity risk management within the Asset-Liability-Management of HVB Group. \r\nReiner started his banking career as a retail banker at a German Sparkasse followed by several years with the Sparkassen Association developing and supporting the Treasury activities of the German Sparkassen. \r\nReiner holds a degree in economics from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit\u00e4t in Munich specialising in banking, finance, audit and M&A and is a licensed banker (Bankkaufmann).","Foto":"Ulrich_Reiner_17401_2015-08-11.jpg","ID":"17401","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"UniCredit Bank AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Markets Strategic & Securitisation Portfolios"},{"Nachname":"Tolckmitt","Vorname":"Jens","Positionsbeschreibung":"Hauptgesch\u00e4ftsf\u00fchrer","CV":"Jens Tolckmitt, geb. 1971, ist seit 2009 Hauptgesch\u00e4ftsf\u00fchrer des Verbandes deutscher Pfandbrief\u00acbanken (vdp). \r\n\r\nVon Januar 2003 bis Mai 2009 war er Alleingesch\u00e4ftsf\u00fchrer des Verbandes der Auslandsbanken in Deutschland. Von 1998 bis 2002 war er in verschiedenen Funktionen, zuletzt als Leiter des Bereichs Pfandbrief\/Kapitalmarkt, f\u00fcr den Verband deutscher Hypothekenbanken, die Vorg\u00e4ngerorganisation des vdp, t\u00e4tig. Tolckmitt ist Diplom-Volkswirt mit den Schwerpunktbereichen \u201eMonet\u00e4re Makro\u00f6konomik\u201c und \u201eFinance\u201c.","Foto":"Tolckmitt_Jens_17791_2016-08-08.jpg","ID":"17791","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Verband deutscher Pfandbriefbanken (vdp) e. V.","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Bender","Vorname":"Martina","Positionsbeschreibung":"Senior Legal Counsel, Directorate General Law of the European Central Bank","CV":"Martina Bender joined the ECB in 2015 with a focus on the asset purchase programmes. Within the European Central Bank\u2019s involvement in the development of a European capital markets she participates in several task forces. One focus of her work relates to European covered bonds.\r\nBefore she worked for 15 years as a banking and capital markets lawyer in major international law firms and a major German bank.","Foto":"Bender_Martina_21459_2018-08-16.jpg","ID":"21459","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Europ\u00e4ische Zentralbank","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Directorate General Legal Services"},{"Nachname":"Schumann","Vorname":"Christopher","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of ABS\/CLO Trading & strategic Productmanagement","CV":"Christopher Schumann arbeitet seit 1996 in unterschiedlichen Funktionen f\u00fcr die DZ BANK. Wesentliche T\u00e4tigkeitsfelder waren die Arbeit in der Gruppe Structured Investments & Funding im Treasury der DZ BANK, die Produktentwicklung im Asset Management, wo er verantwortlich f\u00fcr die Entwicklung von Alternative Investments Produkten f\u00fcr institutionelle Kunden gewesen ist. Im Jahr 2003 wechselte er in das Asset Securitization Team der DZ BANK, wo er verantwortlich f\u00fcr die Strukturierung von MBS und CMBS-Verbriefungen, sowie einer Umstrukturierung eines High Yield CBO war. Im Jahr 2004 kam er zum ABS\/CLO Handel der DZ BANK, den er seit Juli 2007 leitet.","Foto":"Schumann_Christopher_23650_2018-08-07.jpg","ID":"23650","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"DZ BANK AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Capital Markets Trading, Repackaging & Strategic Produktmanagement"},{"Nachname":"Munsch","Vorname":"Michael","Positionsbeschreibung":"Vorstand","CV":"Apprenticeship: Michael Munsch studied business administration and re-ceived his PhD in the field of international finance risk management. Career: Since August 2000, Michael Munsch has been chief executive officer of Creditreform Rating. He was head of the De-partment of Risk Management at Verband der Vereine Creditreform e. V. and member of the management before. After finishing his studies he was consultant for business clients at an international bank. In the following he worked in the Department of Finance of a big international company. Dr. Munsch is honorary professor at the University of Innsbruck, Department of Banking and Finance.","Foto":"Munsch_Michael_24875_2013-08-14.jpg","ID":"24875","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Creditreform Rating AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Bell","Vorname":"Ian","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of PCS Secretariat","CV":"Having qualified in law at the London School of Economics and Yale Law School, Ian joined Clifford Chance becoming a partner in its securitisation group in 1996. He joined Standard & Poor\u2019s Ratings in 1999, first as European General Counsel then as Head of Structured Finance for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He is now the Head of the PCS Secretariat, based in London.","Foto":"Bell_Ian_10128_2013-07-24.jpg","ID":"10128","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Prime Collateralised Securities (PCS) UK Limited","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Rinze","Vorname":"Jens","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Dr. Jens Rinze, LL.M. (Exeter) is a partner at the international law firm Squire Patton Boggs and is the head of the firm\u2019s German Financial Services and Banking practice. He has been advising national and international clients on structured finance and restructuring since 1996. He is the Co-Head of the Brexit-Group of Squire Patton Boggs.\r\nHe has been active in the securitization market since 1997 and has represented arrangers, rating agencies, trustees, servicers, special servicers and originators in a variety of securitization transactions (true sale and synthetic) with a number of different asset classes, amongst others, trade receivables, lease receivables, CMBS, RMBS, auto loans, consumer loans, project financing loans, credit card debt, CLOs, profit participation rights and subordinated loans, leasehold payments, license receivables, public contribution receivables, squeeze out receivables, electricity delivery receivables, remittances and other asset classes. \r\nHe studied law in Marburg and Exeter with a focus on banking law, corporate law and European law. He is the author of various publications in German and international periodicals as well as books on topics concerning banking law, securitization, corporate law, European law and conflict of law.","Foto":"Rinze_Jens_21257_2015-07-16.jpg","ID":"21257","Titel":"Dr","Firmenbezeichnung":"Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Leiter der deutschen Financial Services Praxisgruppe"},{"Nachname":"Schick","Vorname":"Gerhard","Positionsbeschreibung":"Finanzexperte der Gr\u00fcnen Bundestagsfraktion und Vorstand der B\u00fcrgerbewegung Finanzwende","CV":"Dr. Gerhard Schick ist Finanzexperte der Fraktion B\u00fcndnis 90\/Die Gr\u00fcnen und promovierter Volkswirt. Seit Oktober 2005 ist er Mitglied des Bundestags. Zuvor arbeitete er f\u00fcr die Stiftung Marktwirtschaft und die Bertelsmann-Stiftung. Schick ist seit 1996 Mitglied von B\u00dcNDNIS 90\/DIE GR\u00dcNEN und war von November 2008 bis Januar 2018 Mitglied des erweiterten Bundesvorstands, des so genannten Parteirats. Er wurde 1972 in Hechingen geboren und lebt in Berlin sowie in seinem Wahlkreis Mannheim.","Foto":"Schick_Gerhard_23061_2018-07-03.jpg","ID":"23061","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Deutscher Bundestag","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Porter","Vorname":"Simon","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Simon Porter is the head of Baker & McKenzie's London based Structured Capital Markets Group. Simon joined Baker & McKenzie in 2005. Before joining Baker & McKenzie he was a Partner in the International Securities Group at Norton Rose, having previously spent the majority of his career at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer.\r\n\r\nSimon acts on a wide range of capital markets transactions, including debt, equity, equity linked and structured products. He has worked on the establishment of numerous ECP and MTN Programs for a diverse range of issuers. His matters have also included a number of technically demanding transactions, including the first ever pre-IPO convertible bond for a Ukrainian company and a number of secured convertible bonds for AIM listed companies. He studied law at St. Catharine's College Cambridge.","Foto":"Porter_Simon_23939_2016-07-27.jpg","ID":"23939","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Baker & McKenzie LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Hoppe","Vorname":"Christian","Positionsbeschreibung":"Managing Director","CV":"Christian is Managing Director of Silicon Valley Bank Germany. Silicon Valley Bank helps innovative companies and their investors move bold ideas forward, fast. The bank just opened a German branch in Frankfurt.","Foto":"Hoppe_Christian_26304_2018-09-04.jpg","ID":"26304","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Sillicon Valley Bank","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Matern","Vorname":"Susanne","Positionsbeschreibung":"Managing Director, Head of EMEA Structured Finance","CV":"Susanne Matern heads Fitch\u2019s European Structured Finance Ratings Group, which operates from offices in London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan and Paris. The Structured Finance group rates asset-backed securities (ABS), asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP), residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) and collateralized debt obligations (CDOs). In her role, Susanne is responsible for managing the EMEA analytical team; overseeing all rating related functions including criteria, research, and analytical development; and interacting with market participants.\r\nPrior to assuming her current role, Susanne was in charge of the ratings group covering Structured Finance in continental Europe and Covered Bonds in German speaking Europe. Susanne started her career at Fitch in 2005 as a Structured Finance analyst. In the past, she has presented at the German and Austrian Central banks and has been a guest lecturer in finance at the University of St. Gallen.\r\nPrior to joining Fitch in 2005, Susanne worked as a credit analyst for five years in HVB\u2019s risk management department in Munich.\r\nSusanne graduated from the Hochschule fuer Bankwirtschaft (HfB) in Frankfurt, Germany and is a CFA charterholder.","Foto":"Matern_Susanne_14625_2016-08-26.jpg","ID":"14625","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Fitch Ratings","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"EMEA Structured Finance"},{"Nachname":"Caspers","Vorname":"Rolf","Positionsbeschreibung":"Director, Debt Head of Sanne Luxembourg","CV":"Rolf is a director within SANNE\u2019s Private Debt & Capital Markets business and heads up the office in Luxembourg. He is a fully qualified German lawyer with more than 15 years' experience in the financial services industry in Luxembourg in a wide range of regulated and unregulated debt capital markets, structured finance, real estate and private equity structures.\r\nRolf joined Sanne Group from a major financial institution, where he was involved in leading functions on a significant number of milestone structured finance, real estate and private equity transactions for major European, Asian and US asset managers and financial institutions.","Foto":"Caspers_Rolf_25230_2018-07-31.jpg","ID":"25230","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"SANNE Group (Luxembourg) S.A.","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Private Debt and Capital Markets"},{"Nachname":"Gandy","Vorname":"Steve L","Positionsbeschreibung":"Managing Director and Global Head, ARCO Notes and Structuring","CV":"Steve Gandy is Managing Director, Head of Private Debt Mobilisation, Notes and Structuring for Santander Global Corporate and Investment Banking in London.\r\nHe has over 27 years\u2019 experience in the securitisation industry, having completed transactions in Europe, United States, Latin America and Asia. He serves on the Board of Directors of the European Data Warehouse, and has also served as Member Chairman of the Securitisation forum of AFME, where he participated in the development of the PCS initiative and currently serves at the chairman of the PCS Market Committee. Steve is also the current chairman of the Securitisation Working Group of the European Banking Federation.\r\nDuring his 40 years of banking experience, Steve held a number of management positions, with postings in the US, Mexico, Hong Kong and Paris.\r\nHe holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Linguistics from the University of Texas, and an MBA from Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management, where he also won the Barton Kyle Yount Award.","Foto":"Gandy_Steve L_27120_2017-07-19.jpg","ID":"27120","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Santander UK plc","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Global Corporate Banking"},{"Nachname":"Rolker","Vorname":"Andreas","Positionsbeschreibung":"Ministerialrat, Referatsleiter Finanzmarktrecht","CV":"Herr Rolker ist seit 2007 im Hessischen Ministerium der Finanzen im Bereich Finanzmarktrecht t\u00e4tig, seit 2014 in der Funktion als Referatsleiter. Zu den Aufgaben des Referats geh\u00f6ren u.a. die fachliche Vorbereitung der Beratungen im Bundesrat-Finanzausschuss sowohl bei den nationalen als auch den EU-Vorhaben im Bereich Finanzmarktregulierung. Aber auch steuerliche Themen, wie die Reform der Investmentbesteuerung und die Abgeltungsteuer, geh\u00f6rten in der Vergangenheit zu seinem Aufgabenbereich. \r\nHerr Rolker ist Jurist und Bankkaufmann. Er hat an der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universit\u00e4t in Frankfurt am Main Rechtswissenschaften studiert und im Rahmen des Referendariats in einer gro\u00dfen Kanzlei in Frankfurt am Main gearbeitet. Zudem war er mehrere Jahre lang im Wertpapierhandel einer Bank in Frankfurt am Main t\u00e4tig.","Foto":"Rolker_Andreas_25910_2018-07-24.jpg","ID":"25910","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Hessisches Ministerium der Finanzen","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Abteilung Steuern und Finanzmarktrecht"},{"Nachname":"Michelbach","Vorname":"Hans","Positionsbeschreibung":"MdB, Stellvertretender Vorsitzender der Arbeitsgruppe Finanzen","CV":"Selbst\u00e4ndiger Unternehmer, Seit 1994 Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestages. Ausbildung zum Gro\u00df- und Einzelhandelskaufmann. \r\n1972 Eintritt in elterliche Betriebe, Neugr\u00fcndung der Michelbach KG, Sch\u00e4ffer GmbH, KIZ-MIBEG Group. 1982, 1988, 1994 Wahl zum 1. B\u00fcrgermeister der Stadt Gem\u00fcnden am Main. Vorsitzender der Mittelstands-Union. Stv. Vors. der CSU-Landesgruppe, Deutscher Bundestag. Stv. Vorsitzender des PKM und der MIT der CDU\/CSU-Bundestagsfraktion. Seit 1998 Mitglied im Parteivorstand der CSU. Seit 2002 Vorstandsmitglied der CDU\/CSU Bundestagsfraktion.","Foto":"Michelbach_Hans_31832_2018-06-08.jpg","ID":"31832","Titel":"Dr. h.c.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Deutscher Bundestag","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Sch\u00e4fer","Vorname":"Bastian","Positionsbeschreibung":"Direktor","Foto":"Sch\u00e4fer_Bastian_33038_2017-08-01.jpg","ID":"33038","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Deutsche Asset Management International GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Portfoliomanagement Renten","CV":null},{"Nachname":"Francovicchio","Vorname":"Daniela","Positionsbeschreibung":"Senior Structured Finance Manager","Foto":"","ID":"34455","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"European Investment Fund","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Guarantees & Securitisation","CV":null},{"Nachname":"Manzel","Vorname":"Klaus","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of Group Treasury","CV":"Klaus Manzel has a degree in Business Administration with focus on Audit, Corporate Finance and Strategic Management.\r\nSince 2003, Mr. Manzel has been specialized in topics such as payments, cash management and working capital optimization. In addition, he was responsible for structuring and executing sales of receivables. Since 2018, Mr. Manzel is heading the Group Treasury of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group being responsible for Germany, but as well for international markets in Treasury matters.","Foto":"Manzel_Klaus_42797_2018-08-07.jpg","ID":"42797","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Group Treasury & Insurance"},{"Nachname":"Lussato","Vorname":"Pierre","Positionsbeschreibung":"Managing Director","CV":"Pierre Lussato is responsible for Bayview\u2019s European business and business development.\r\nHe has 15 years of NPL experience and held positions at Lehman Brothers and TPG Credit.\r\nEducation: MBA from INSEAD and MSc from Babson College","Foto":"Lussato_Pierre_51171_2018-07-31.jpg","ID":"51171","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Bayview International Ltd.","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Krapf","Vorname":"Armin","Positionsbeschreibung":"Vice President - Senior Credit Officer","CV":"Armin Krapf bewertet als VP \u2013 Senior Credit Officer bei Moody\u2019s europ\u00e4ische ABS-Transaktionen. Er ist im Frankfurter B\u00fcro f\u00fcr die Analyse der Verbriefungen von granul\u00e4ren Portfolios aus den Asset-Klassen Autofinanzierungen, unbesicherte Konsumentenkredite, und private Immobilienkredite zust\u00e4ndig. Die Analyse von ABS mit au\u00dfergew\u00f6hnlicheren Assets wie zum Bespiel Portfolios von Factoring-Gesellschaften oder Marketplace Lending Plattformen geh\u00f6rt auch zu seinen Aufgaben. In seiner Zeit bei Moody\u2019s hat er au\u00dferdem ABS-Transaktionen zur Verbriefung von Mittelstandskrediten bewertet. Vor seiner T\u00e4tigkeit bei Moody\u2019s war er bei der KPMG DTG AG als Assistant Manager im Bereich \u201eBanking & Finance\u201c t\u00e4tig.\r\n\r\nArmin Krapf hat sein Studium an der Universit\u00e4t Maastricht mit dem \u201eMaster of Economics \u2013 International Management\u201c abgeschlossen und auch an der Universit\u00e4t G\u00f6ttingen und der Royal Holloway University of London studiert.","Foto":"Krapf_Armin_28069_2016-07-06.jpg","ID":"28069","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Moody's Deutschland GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Structured Finance"},{"Nachname":"Zetek","Vorname":"Thomas","Positionsbeschreibung":"Abteilungsleiter Financial Markets","CV":"Thomas Zetek ist seit 1992 bei der PEAC Finance (ehemals IKB Leasing) in Hamburg t\u00e4tig. Seit Ende 2015 ist er Abteilungsleiter f\u00fcr den Bereich Treasury der Gesellschaft. Zuvor verantwortete Thomas Zetek die Abteilungen \u201eControlling\u201c sowie von 2010 bis 2014 \u201eControlling und Treasury\u201c. Er ist durch seine langj\u00e4hrige Erfahrung Experte f\u00fcr die Refinanzierungsm\u00f6glichkeiten, insbesondere f\u00fcr Verbriefungen, in der Leasing-Branche.","Foto":"Zetek_Thomas_29932_2017-08-10.jpg","ID":"29932","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"PEAC (Germany) GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Financial Markets"},{"Nachname":"Treier","Vorname":"Volker","Positionsbeschreibung":"Stv. Hauptgesch\u00e4ftsf\u00fchrer & Leiter International I AHK","CV":"Dr. Volker Treier is Deputy Chief Executive Officer, responsible for International and European Economic Affairs, the network of bi-national German Chambers, Delegations and Representations of German Industry and Commerce (AHKs) in 90 countries worldwide.","Foto":"Treier_Volker_31910_2017-04-24.jpg","ID":"31910","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"DIHK Berlin","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Moor","Vorname":"Christian","Positionsbeschreibung":"Policy Expert","CV":"Christian joined the European Banking Authority (EBA) in November 2010 and is responsible for regulation and policy relating to the capital markets union including securitisation, covered bonds and sustainable finance. While at the EBA, he developed the STS securitisation framework. He has also developed an EU harmonised framework for Covered Bonds and is currently working on the implementation of STS regulation, synthetic securitisation, significant risk transfer and NPL securitisation. Prior to this position, Christian worked at De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) as a banking supervisor in the Netherlands. \r\n\r\nFrom 2000 to 2008, he held various roles within structured finance and covered bonds at HSBC Bank, Fitch Ratings and Fortis Bank. At HSBC he was responsible for the origination and structuring of securitisation and covered bonds transactions in Northern and Eastern Europe, while at Fitch he rated RMBS and Covered Bonds transactions across Europe\r\n\r\nChristian holds an MSc in economics from the University of Groningen (the Netherlands).","Foto":"Moor_Christian_33371_2013-06-26.jpg","ID":"33371","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"European Banking Authority","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Regulation"},{"Nachname":"Bacus","Vorname":"Julien","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Julien Bacus has been a partner in the Banking and Finance practice group of Dentons' Paris office since 2018. \r\nJulien Bacus is a recognized lawyer in the field of finance, capital markets and structured finance. He focuses on derivative transactions covering different types of underlying assets. Julien has more specific experience in documenting these types of contracts as well as advising on issues relating to netting, collateral, the role of clearing houses and the implementation of new regulations applying to these products.\r\nHe also advises clients in financial difficulty on the restructuring of derivative transactions and on pre-litigation matters. In addition, he has extensive experience in the hedging of financing transactions (LBOs in particular), issuance of debt, structured products, as well as financial regulation.\r\nPrior to joining Dentons he worked in Ashurst (2007-2018) and Allen & Overy (1999 -2017).\r\nHe holds a PhD in French private law, with distinction from Paris II University (Panth\u00e9on-Assas).","Foto":"Bacus_Julien_51468_2018-08-29.jpg","ID":"51468","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Dentons Europe LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Banking & Finance"},{"Nachname":"Thun","Vorname":"Christian","Positionsbeschreibung":"Chief Executive Officer (CEO)","CV":"Dr. Christian Thun is the Chief Executive Officer of the European DataWarehouse - the securitisation repository in Europe. The firm collects, validates and disseminates asset class specific loan-level-data and relevant documentation for all Asset-Backed Securities. Christian Thun joined the European DataWarehouse in 2016 from Moody\u2019s Analytics where he worked for almost 14 years in various senior positions. Prior to joining Moody's Analytics, Mr. Thun was a team leader at the risk consulting firm Baetge & Partner (an OliverWyman affiliate) and also worked in structured finance for Dresdner Bank in Frankfurt and London. Christian Thun has published more than 30 papers on topics such as risk modelling, stress testing as well as data management. He studied business administration at the University of M\u00fcnster and holds a PhD in finance.","Foto":"Thun_Christian_47731_2016-07-21.jpg","ID":"47731","Titel":"Dr","Firmenbezeichnung":"European DataWarehouse GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Auferoth","Vorname":"Tobias","Positionsbeschreibung":"CFO","CV":"Tobias Auferoth is the CFO of institutional grade crypto wallet provider Upvest, which is backed by leading VCs such as Holtzbrinck Ventures and Speedinvest.\r\n\r\nBefore Upvest, he already built up two other fintechs: the first FinLeap venture Savedo, a marketplace for high yield fixed term deposits and Acatus, a pan-European debt capital markets platform. As a Principal, he also managed the startup portfolio of a family office.\r\nUntil 2014, Tobias Auferoth worked seven years in investment banking at Goldman Sachs and UBS. His last position was Associate Director at UBS in London, where he advised institutional equity fund managers and family offices regarding their investment decisions on the Asian stock markets.\r\n\r\nTobias Auferoth received his diploma from WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management in 2007 and is a CFA charterholder.","Foto":"Auferoth_Tobias_48852_2018-08-16.jpg","ID":"48852","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"upvest a brand of Tokn GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Zank","Vorname":"Sebastian","Positionsbeschreibung":"Executive Director","CV":"Sebastian Zank joined Scope\u2019s corporate ratings department in September 2013. He is primarily responsible for companies in the utilities, transportation, infrastructure as well as investment holdings. In addition to analysis within his own sectors, he regularly publishes research on private debt placements, e.g. \u2018Schuldscheine\u2019, hybrid bonds and high yield markets. His coverage on the Schuldschein market started in 2014 with semiannual research updates.\r\nBefore joining Scope, Sebastian held a number of different positions in equity research at WestLB and was Head of Utilities & Renewables Research at Quandt & Cie in Dusseldorf and London. On the equity side, he has covered large pan-European caps in the utilities sectors as well as small and mid caps in the clean technology\/renewables industry. In addition, he has accompanied various equity transactions such as IPOs, secondary offerings and hybrid bonds. He began his professional career in 2005 in the business advisory division of PricewaterhouseCoopers with a focus on international utilities and energy-intensive industrials. \r\nSebastian graduated with a diploma in Business Administration from the \u2018Freie Universit\u00e4t Berlin\u2019 and is a CFA charterholder.","Foto":"Zank_Sebastian_44225_2018-07-12.jpg","ID":"44225","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Scope Ratings GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Corporates"},{"Nachname":"Fahrholz","Vorname":"Christian","Positionsbeschreibung":"Leiter des Referats Unternehmensfinanzierung und Finanzm\u00e4rkte","CV":"Dr. habil. Christian Fahrholz joined the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK e. V.) in April 2016. His work focuses on the impact of financial regulation on corporate finance in Germany. He is also member of the managing board of the association of German guarantee banks (Verband Deutscher B\u00fcrgschaftsbanken, VDB).\r\nFormer appointments include a Chair of Macroeconomics, especially Monetary Economics at the University of Erfurt and a Chair for Political Economy at the University of Mannheim. Prior to joining the DIHK, he was a visiting researcher at Eesti Pank (central bank of Estonia) and worked as a freelance consultant for public and private agencies in Egypt, South Africa and the US.\r\nChristian Fahrholz studied political science at the Free University of Berlin and economics at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, where he also obtained his habilitation, qualifying examination for lecturing at university.","Foto":"Fahrholz_Christian_48048_2016-08-03.jpg","ID":"48048","Titel":"Dr. habil.","Firmenbezeichnung":"DIHK Berlin","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Wirtschafts- und Finanzpolitik, Mittelstand"},{"Nachname":"Schnabl","Vorname":"Gunther","Positionsbeschreibung":"","CV":"Prof. Dr. Gunther Schnabl ist Professor f\u00fcr Wirtschaftspolitik und Internationale Wirtschaftsbeziehungen an der Universit\u00e4t Leipzig, wo er das Institut f\u00fcr Wirtschaftspolitik leitet. Er hat an der Universit\u00e4t T\u00fcbingen zu Leistungsbilanzungleichgewichten und W\u00e4hrungsintegration in Ostasien und Europa promoviert und habilitiert. Er war Gastwissenschaftler an der Stanford University, der Katholischen Universit\u00e4t Leuven, der Universit\u00e9 Paris 1 Panth\u00e9on-Sorbonne, der Deutschen Bundesbank, der Bank of Japan, der Federal Reserve Bank of New York sowie der Europ\u00e4ischen Zentralbank. Vor seiner Berufung an die Universit\u00e4t Leipzig war er als Advisor bei der Europ\u00e4ischen Zentralbank t\u00e4tig. Professor Schnabl hat in zahlreichen internationalen referierten Zeitschriften zu den Themenbereichen W\u00e4hrungsintegration, Wechselkurspolitik, Leistungsbilanzungleichgewichte sowie Boom-und-Krisen-Zyklen auf Finanzm\u00e4rkten publiziert. Im Ranking der internationalen wissenschaftlichen Datenbank IDEAS geh\u00f6rt er zu Top3 Prozent der Volkswirte in Deutschland und Europa. Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung z\u00e4hlt ihn zu den 100 einflussreichsten \u00d6konomen im deutschen Sprachraum. Er ist Mitherausgeber von Ordo \u2013 Jahrbuch f\u00fcr die Ordnung von Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft und The Economists\u2019 Voice.","Foto":"Schnabl_Gunther_48887_2018-05-15.jpg","ID":"48887","Titel":"Prof. Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Universit\u00e4t Leipzig","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Institute for Economic Policy"},{"Nachname":"Scherer","Vorname":"Peter","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Peter Scherer is Partner at GSK Stockmann in Frankfurt with focus on banking and capital markets, especially financial regulatory, derivatives and other financial innovations, securitisation, trustee matters, safe custody law, currency and central banks law. \r\nPrior to joining GSK Stockmann in July 2014, Peter was three years associate in the Brussels office of P\u00fcnder, Volhard Weber & Axster, a major German law firm, then 22 years in its Frankfurt office (after a merger in 2000 Clifford Chance), from 1995 to 2014 as partner. \r\nHe was admitted to the Bar in 1990. Peter had studied at J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt (law and politics) and Indiana University, Bloomington, USA (LL.M.). He had taken courses at Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA and Institut Mon\u00e9taire, Luxembourg, had worked as bank clerk and trader with banks in Frankfurt and London and had been assistant professor with the Institute for Comparative Law at J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt. \r\nPeter published numerous articles and books on banking and capital markets law issues (including commentaries on the German Safe Custody Act and the German investment laws as well as an English language book on German banking regulation) and is Member of Bankrechtliche Vereinigung e.V. (Banking Law Association) and International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA). He speaks German, English and French.","Foto":"Scherer_Peter_26888_2014-08-25.jpg","ID":"26888","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"GSK STOCKMANN","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Banking \/ Capital Markets"},{"Nachname":"von Dobsch\u00fctz","Vorname":"Alexander","Positionsbeschreibung":"Mitglied des Vorstandes","CV":"Alexander von Dobsch\u00fctz ist seit Januar 2018 als Chief Risk Officer im Vorstand der DKB f\u00fcr die Bereiche Credit Risk & Portfolio Management, RisikoControliing, KreditConsult sowie Compliance zust\u00e4ndig. Zuvor hat er zw\u00f6lf Jahre den weltweiten Marktbereich Global Strcutured & Trade Finance in der BayernLB erfolgreich verantwortet und hierbei neben verschiedenen anderen strukturierten Finanzierungsprodukten auch die Verbriefungsaktivit\u00e4ten der BayernLB strategisch weiterentwickelt. \r\nAlexander von Dobsch\u00fctz hat an der Technischen Universit\u00e4t Berlin Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen studiert sowie an der CASS Business School in London einen MBA in International Business & Export Management abgelegt.","Foto":"von Dobsch\u00fctz_Alexander_29609_2018-06-19.jpg","ID":"29609","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Deutsche Kreditbank AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Raebel","Vorname":"Ralf","Positionsbeschreibung":"ABS Analyst","CV":"Nach der Ausbildung zum Bankkaufmann und dem Studium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre stieg Ralf Raebel 1996 bei der DG BANK AG, Frankfurt a.M., als Trainee Investment Banking ein. Bis 2002 arbeitete er als Finanzanalyst im Bereich Equity Capital Markets und war dort eingebunden in die Akquisition und Durchf\u00fchrung von IPO-Mandaten. Nach mehreren Jahren im Bereich Corporate Finance\/Technology wechselte er 2006 ins ABS Research, dessen Leitung er in 2011 \u00fcbernahm. Herr Raebel verf\u00fcgt \u00fcber eine langj\u00e4hrige Kapitalmarktexpertise sowohl auf der Eigenkapital- als auch auf der Fremdkapitalseite. Er ist u.a. Verfasser verschiedenster Publikationen zu verbriefungsrelevanten Themen. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt seiner T\u00e4tigkeit ist die Durchf\u00fchrung von Wertpapier- und Portfolioanalysen sowie die Beratung institutioneller Kunden bei der Anlage in ABS und alternativen bzw. hybriden Finanzinstrumenten.","Foto":"Raebel_Ralf_30840_2014-05-26.jpg","ID":"30840","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"DZ BANK AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Research und Volkswirtschaft"},{"Nachname":"Pfingsten","Vorname":"Andreas","Positionsbeschreibung":"Director","CV":"Andreas Pfingsten has been Professor of Business Administration and head of the banking area at the University of M\u00fcnster since 1994. Formerly, he was Professor of Economics at the University of Siegen. As a visiting professor, resp. visiting scholar, he worked at universities in Austria, Canada, and the US. His professional experience includes employment with a bank and an IT services firm as well as consulting activities. His academic work has been published, among others, in Journal of Banking & Finance, Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Public Economics, Mathematical Social Sciences, International Tax and Public Finance, and Journal of Risk. Current fields of his research include the credit business, securitization, risk management, regulation, and bank accounting. Andreas Pfingsten is a member of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts, various other academic as well as professional associations, and a former president of the German Finance Association.","Foto":"Pfingsten_Andreas_23413_2018-07-06.jpg","ID":"23413","Titel":"Prof. Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Westf\u00e4lische Wilhelms-Universit\u00e4t M\u00fcnster","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Banking Area, Finance Center M\u00fcnster"},{"Nachname":"Jergitsch","Vorname":"Friedrich","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Friedrich Jergitsch has been a partner of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP since 2003 and is based in the Vienna office. He is a member of our Global Transactions group and specialises in bank restructurings, bank regulatory law, structured finance transactions and insolvency law. He advises a wide range of financial institutions in Austria and CEE \/ CIS. Friedrich was born in 1963 in Vienna, Austria. He holds a law degree of the University of Vienna and, before becoming a lawyer, worked as a credit analyst for an international bank. He has published articles on cross-border safe custody of securities, foreign exchange law and insolvency law. Friedrich speaks German, English and Russian.","Foto":"Jergitsch_Friedrich_24803_2018-09-26.jpg","ID":"24803","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Bank- und Finanzrecht"},{"Nachname":"Staufenbiel","Vorname":"Bert","Positionsbeschreibung":"Senior Manager","CV":"Bert is currently working for KfW in Frankfurt am Main. His tasks at KfW encompass the analysis of SME loan and leasing securitisations across Europe. He is also dealing with selected regulatory issues i.e. Basel III (incl. CDR IV \/ CRR) regarding securitisation. Bert was a lead project manager in the Distributed Ledger Technology project \u2013 European Commercial Paper \u2013 together with Commerzbank and MEAG. From 2007 to 2010 he worked as a portfolio manager in the Structured Credit unit at Deka Investment GmbH. He started his career at the credit rating agency Fitch Ratings in the field of securitisation. Bert holds a business administration degree as well as a Master of Science in \u201cRisk Management & Regulation\u201d.","Foto":"Staufenbiel_Bert_26157_2015-07-30.jpg","ID":"26157","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"KfW","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"ABS, ABCP, Strukturierung"},{"Nachname":"L\u00e4ger","Vorname":"Volker","Positionsbeschreibung":"Senior Director, Sector Lead EMEA ABS","CV":"Dr Volker Laeger is a Director with S&P Global Ratings in the European Structured Finance Group, based in Frankfurt (Germany), and Sector Lead for EMEA ABS.\r\nSince joining Standard & Poor\u2019s in January 2006, he is focusing on securitiza-tions of predominantly consumer assets and has been involved in various true sale and synthetic transactions like Auto and Consumer ABS, RMBS, SME CLO, CDO and ABCP transactions. He recently took the role of Sector Lead for EMEA ABS.\r\nPrior to joining S&P Global Ratings, Volker had worked four years as sales per\u00acson in the fixed income department of Merrill Lynch, Frankfurt.\r\nVolker holds a PhD in Finance and a degree in Business Administration from the University of Bamberg.","Foto":"L\u00e4ger_Volker_29363_2017-07-19.jpg","ID":"29363","Titel":"Dr","Firmenbezeichnung":"S&P Global Ratings Europe Limited","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"EMEA Structured Finance"},{"Nachname":"Nastassine","Vorname":"Stanislav","Positionsbeschreibung":"Senior Analyst","Foto":"","ID":"30117","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Moody's Deutschland GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Structured Finance","CV":null},{"Nachname":"Fa\u00dfhauer","Vorname":"Jan","Positionsbeschreibung":"Senior Manager","CV":"Dr. Jan Fasshauer is an auditor at KPMG in the Financial Services department in Frankfurt am Main. \r\nAs a Senior Manager, he provides professional assurance and accounting services in connection with structured finance transactions (e. g. factoring, securitization, reverse factoring, leasing). He is auditor of financial statements of listed and non-listed clients in the banking and alternative asset management industry (e.g. private equity and real estate) according to IFRS, German GAAP as well as regulatory requirements. \r\nHis experiences cover also professional services in connection with IPOs\/capital market transactions (e.g. combined financial statements, comfort letters), IFRS conversions (e.g. IFRS 9, IFRS 10, IFRS 15, IFRS 16) well as banking and alternative asset management regulation.\r\nJan studied business and economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and at the University of Giessen, was awarded with a doctorate (PhD.) about international accounting by the University of Giessen, and is author of various publications on accounting issues.","Foto":"Fa\u00dfhauer_Jan_42856_2015-07-27.jpg","ID":"42856","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"KPMG AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Financial Services"},{"Nachname":"Aktay","Vorname":"Basak","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of Sales and Product Development","CV":"Basak is the head of sales and marketing departments at European DataWarehouse (ED). ED is a market initiative owned and operated by major global market participants and acts as the centralised repository for European ABS loan-level data.\r\nPrior to joining ED in 2013, Basak worked at DZ Bank as a product manager with the focus on German capital markets. Before that she held various management roles in technology and ecommerce departments at Commerzbank and Isnet.\r\nAcademically, Basak holds an MBA from Manchester Business School in the UK and a MSc degree in Computer Engineering from Universit\u00e4t Duisburg-Essen in Germany.","Foto":"Aktay_Basak_42673_2017-08-17.jpg","ID":"42673","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"European DataWarehouse GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Mohr","Vorname":"Benjamin","Positionsbeschreibung":"Chief Economist","CV":"Dr. Benjamin Mohr is Chief Economist at Creditreform Rating AG. Prior to that, he held a number of positions in the Creditreform Group. In his current function he is responsible for the analysis and monitoring of capital markets and economic development in Germany, Europe, and the US. Since 2016, he has also been in charge of Sovereign Ratings.\r\nMr. Mohr holds a Masters in Economics (Diplom Volkswirt) from the University in Frankfurt and a doctorate degree in Economics (Dr. rer. pol.) from the University of Hagen, where he also worked as a research assistant prior to joining the Creditreform Group. He has authored and co-authored a series of research articles on various economic topics as well as a book on institutional arrangements and regulatory frameworks for safeguarding financial stability.","Foto":"Mohr_Benjamin_43951_2016-02-17.jpg","ID":"43951","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Creditreform Rating AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Kaiser","Vorname":"Martin","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner, LL.M.","CV":"Dr. Martin Kaiser, LL.M. ist Partner im Bereich Finance in Frankfurt und Mitglied unserer globalen Securities and Derivatives Group (SDG). Er ist spezialisiert auf Verbriefungen und ber\u00e4t vor allem Banken und Unternehmen, insbesondere im Zusammenhang mit True-Sale-Transaktionen in verschiedenen Assetklassen, einschlie\u00dflich Automobildarlehen, Leasing, Verbraucherkredite, NPL und Handelsforderungen. \r\n\r\nVor seinem Eintritt bei Ashurst war Martin Kaiser Partner bei einer anderen f\u00fchrenden internationalen Kanzlei, zuletzt als Leiter der Banking & Finance-Praxisgruppe in Deutschland und \u00d6sterreich.","Foto":"Kaiser_Martin_9689_2018-06-11.jpg","ID":"9689","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Ashurst LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Kronat","Vorname":"Oliver","Positionsbeschreibung":"Lawyer, Tax Advisor, Partner","CV":"Oliver Kronat specialises in advising on domestic and cross-border structured financings. His experience includes the securitisation of mail order, leasing and loan receivables (including RMBS and CMBS). He also advises on the restructurings of securitisation and other financing transactions as well as on securitisations by insolvent companies. He is advisor to the True Sale Initiative (Verbriefungsforum).","Foto":"Kronat_Oliver_10289_2018-07-31.jpg","ID":"10289","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Clifford Chance Deutschland LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Banking & Capital Markets"},{"Nachname":"von der Chevallerie","Vorname":"Albrecht","Positionsbeschreibung":"Abteilungsdirektor \/ Head of ECM","CV":"Albrecht v. der Chevallerie ist Diplomkaufmann und Abteilungsdirektor der Landesbank Hessen-Th\u00fcringen Girozentrale im Bereich Kapitalm\u00e4rkte. Er ist verantwortlich f\u00fcr das Equity Capital Markets Gesch\u00e4ft der Bank sowie f\u00fcr strukturierte Kreditprodukte f\u00fcr die Kunden der Bank. Hierzu geh\u00f6ren insbesondere auch die Verantwortung f\u00fcr die Kreditpooling-Transaktionen sowie die Verbriefungs- und Strukturierungstransaktionen von Eigenkapital- und Kreditprodukten der Bank.\r\nVor seinem Eintritt in die Landesbank Hessen-Th\u00fcringen Girozentrale war Albrecht v. der Chevallerie bis 1999 f\u00fcr die Bankgesellschaft Berlin AG im Prim\u00e4rmarktgesch\u00e4ft Aktien f\u00fcr die Betreuung der eigenkapitalrelevanten Prim\u00e4rmarkttransaktionen von Unternehmen zust\u00e4ndig. Von 1992 bis 1996 war er als Beteiligungsmanager f\u00fcr die WGB Westdeutsche Genossenschafts-Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, M\u00fcnster, t\u00e4tig.","Foto":"von der Chevallerie_Albrecht_13477_2014-07-30.jpg","ID":"13477","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Landesbank Hessen-Th\u00fcringen Girozentrale","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Primary Structured Solutions"},{"Nachname":"Zahel","Vorname":"Bernhard","Positionsbeschreibung":"Director","CV":"Bernhard Zahel ist Portfolio Manager im Bereich Fixed Income bei Deutsche Asset Management in Frankfurt mit Spezialisierungen auf Asset Backed Securities (ABS), Covered Bonds und Staatsanleihen. Seine Rolle umfasst neben dem Management diverser Fonds die Analyse bestimmter M\u00e4rkte wie italienischer Covered Bonds und verschiedener Arten von ABS einschlie\u00dflich CLOs und deren Handel. Im Jahr 2015 war er seitens der Deutsche Asset Management f\u00fcr das ABS Ankaufprogramm der EZB t\u00e4tig.\r\n\r\nNach dem Abschluss seines Studiums in Bonn als Diplom Volkswirt im Jahr 2001 begann Bernhard Zahel als Analyst im Spezialkreditmanagement f\u00fcr mittelst\u00e4ndische Firmenkunden der Deutsche Bank. Von dort wechselte er 2004 ins Portfoliomanagement der DWS Investment GmbH in Frankfurt, wo er bis heute in verschiedenen Funktionen t\u00e4tig ist.","Foto":"Zahel_Bernhard_14673_2017-09-21.jpg","ID":"14673","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Deutsche Asset Management Investment GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Portfolio Management Fixed Income EMEA"},{"Nachname":"Rolf","Vorname":"Stefan","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of Asset Backed Securitisation and Treasury Coordination Asia-Pacific Region","CV":"Stefan Rolf, born on 3 August, 1972 in Langenhagen (Germany). In 2001 he joined Volkswagen Financial Services AG \/ Volkswagen Bank GmbH in Germany where he was responsible for the Group\u2019s debt capital market activities. After a three-year stint in Singapore with treasury responsibilities for the Asia-Pacific region, he is now based at the German headquarters and is responsible for asset backed securitisation globally (except for USA and Canada). Apart from the frequent issuance of the well-established loan and lease programmes Driver and VCL he is in charge of the international rollout of these programmes abroad, even in emerging markets. Furthermore, he looks after the treasury function for the Asia-Pacific region in particular China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Australia. Prior to joining Volkswagen, Stefan Rolf gained nine years of experience in the banking industry, holding positions in Asset Management and Human Resources. Stefan Rolf is married and has one daughter.","Foto":"Rolf_Stefan_21313_2018-07-24.jpg","ID":"21313","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Volkswagen Bank GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Treasury Department"},{"Nachname":"Menzel","Vorname":"Timo","Positionsbeschreibung":"Mitglied der Gesch\u00e4ftsleitung","CV":"Timo Menzel leitet seit 2016 den Marktbereich Financial Advisory & Securitization Solutions der TXS GmbH. Seine bisherige Laufbahn f\u00fchrte ihn \u00fcber Stuttgart, London, Frankfurt und D\u00fcsseldorf nach Hamburg. Dabei blieb er dem Thema \u201eSecuritization\u201c seit seinem Trainee-Programm bei der LBBW, das er 1996 startete, treu. Im Rahmen seiner beruflichen Stationen bei der LBBW und der Commerzbank AG war er sowohl f\u00fcr ABS Portfolio-Investments als auch die Akquisition und Strukturierung von Verbriefungstransaktionen verantwortlich. Als Leiter der Verbriefungsabteilung der IKB AG war er einerseits zust\u00e4ndig f\u00fcr das Gesch\u00e4ft mit den mittelst\u00e4ndischen Kunden der Bank; andererseits realisierte er mit seinem Team zahlreiche synthetische Risikotransfertransaktionen zur Steuerung des regulatorischen Eigenkapitals der Bank. In seiner Funktion als Group Treasurer der IKB Leasing GmbH konnte er u. a. das Unternehmen erfolgreich als einen ABS-Qualit\u00e4tsemittenten am Kapitalmarkt positionieren. Als Marktbereichsleiter bei der TXS steht Timo Menzel mit seinem Team den Kunden des Unternehmens in allen Phasen einer asset-basierten Refinanzierung zur Verf\u00fcgung \u2013 als Berater im Rahmen strategischer Fragestellungen, als Projektmanager bei der Umsetzung von Transaktionen wie auch als Dienstleister beim Servicing laufender Deals. Timo Menzel ist Betriebswirt und hat in Deutschland, UK sowie den USA studiert.","Foto":"Menzel_Timo_15495_2017-08-01.jpg","ID":"15495","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"TXS GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Financial Advisory & Securitization Services"},{"Nachname":"Malzahn","Vorname":"Christian","Positionsbeschreibung":"Direktor, Legal Counsel","CV":"Dr. Christian Malzahn is legal counsel and leads the Capital Markets and Derivatives Legal Department at Bayerische Landesbank. Christian joined Bayerische Landesbank in 2006 and, since then, advises the business units of the Bank in the context of securitisation and DCM transactions in all legal and, in particular, regulatory aspects. Prior to joining Bayerische Landesbank, Christian was an attorney at the international law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, working in their Frankfurt\/Main and London offices.","Foto":"Malzahn_Christian_17814_2014-02-21.jpg","ID":"17814","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Bayerische Landesbank","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Bereich Recht, Abteilung Kapitalmarktgesch\u00e4ft und Derivate"},{"Nachname":"Hartmann","Vorname":"Martin","Positionsbeschreibung":"Managing Director, Head of Markets","CV":"Seit Juli 2009 ist Martin Hartmann Leiter des Bereichs Markets - dem (globalen) Kapitalmarktgesch\u00e4ft der NORD\/LB. In seiner Verantwortung liegt der Handel in Wertpapieren (Bonds, SSD und Namenstitel) mit deutschen und internationalen institutionellen Investoren und Banken, die Origination von Wertpapieren deutscher und internationaler Emittenten in Covered und Senior Bonds, sowie der Handel in (derivativen) Finanzinstrumenten mit allen anderen Kunden der Bank. Die Bereitstellung des externen Fundings f\u00fcr die NORD\/LB geh\u00f6rt ebenfalls zu seinen Aufgabenbereichen. Er ist Mitglied des Aufsichtsrats der NORD\/AM, der Asset Management Tochter der NORD\/LB.\r\n\r\nVon 2004 bis 2009 war Herr Hartmann bei der Dresdner Kleinwort bzw. Commerzbank angestellt, zuletzt als 'Global Head of Structuring' und hatte damit die Leitung eines Teams von bis zu 60 Mitarbeitern in 4 Offices weltweit (London, Frankfurt, Singapur, New York) inne. Davor war er im Aktienhandel von JP Morgan in London t\u00e4tig, als Leiter der Front Office Risk Management Funktion u.a. mit der Verantwortlichkeit f\u00fcr die FO Risikomanagement Architektur und Makro - Hedge - Themen. Seine Karriere begonnen hat Herr Hartmann bei der KPMG in D\u00fcsseldorf und London als Spezialist f\u00fcr die Be-wertung von derivativen Finanzinstrumenten.\r\n\r\nHerr Hartmann besitzt den akademischen Grad eines Diplom-\u00d6konom.","Foto":"Hartmann_Martin_29383_2017-06-21.jpg","ID":"29383","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"NORD\/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Financial Markets"},{"Nachname":"Flunker","Vorname":"Andrea","Positionsbeschreibung":"Senior Manager","CV":"Andrea Flunker has more than 11 years of experience in the field of Structured Finance and Securitisation services in Germany and the UK. She leads advisory projects for originators, investors and sponsors in various synthetic and true sale transactions and supports the Deloitte EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy in topics linked to securitisations. Her present responsibilities encompass mainly regulatory advisory services. She also works on risk management and restructuring projects relating to ABS and loan portfolios. During a secondment to the Securitisation Services Team at Deloitte LLP in London she managed due diligences for a wide range of clients.","Foto":"Flunker_Andrea_30592_2016-07-12.jpg","ID":"30592","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Deloitte GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Credit and Securitisation Advisory\/FSI Assurance"},{"Nachname":"Eggert","Vorname":"Matthias","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Matthias Eggert specializes in structured finance. His scope of advice includes securitization, a wider range of lending transactions and restructurings of financing transactions. Moreover, Matthias advises on portfolio transactions as well as the financing of such transactions. His recent transactions include setting up a supply chain finance platform and advising in relation to a number of supply chain finance programs implemented via such platform. Matthias\u2019 clients include banks, borrowers and most recently FinTech companies.\r\nMatthias Eggert is a Partner with Dentons Europe LLP in Munich. Before joining Dentons in 2017, he worked with Baker&McKenzie and Hengeler Mueller in Frankfurt, London, Dusseldorf and Munich. Matthias is admitted to practice law in Germany since 2002 after completing his legal clerkship in Hamburg. He graduated from the University of Konstanz, earned the Magister Juris in European and Comparative Law at the University of Oxford, Lincoln College, and holds a doctor's degree from the University of Konstanz.","Foto":"Eggert_Matthias_22366_2017-04-24.jpg","ID":"22366","Titel":"Dr","Firmenbezeichnung":"Dentons Europe LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Banking & Finance"},{"Nachname":"Klein","Vorname":"J\u00f6rg","Positionsbeschreibung":"Director Securitisation","CV":"J\u00f6rg Klein ist Director im Bereich Corporate Finance der LBBW und zust\u00e4ndig f\u00fcr die Origination und Strukturierung von ABCP-Transaktionen mit Schwerpunkt auf den Assetklassen Loans & Leases. Er ist seit 2007 im Verbriefungsbereich der LBBW t\u00e4tig und hat in dieser Zeit eine Vielzahl von Transaktionen f\u00fcr Captives, Leasinggesellschafen und Banken strukturiert.\r\n\r\nNach seinem Studium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre war J\u00f6rg Klein von 2005 bis 2007 bei einer der f\u00fchrenden deutschen Leasinggesellschaften als Fachberater zust\u00e4ndig f\u00fcr strukturierte Finanzierungen.","Foto":"Klein_J\u00f6rg_23703_2018-08-07.jpg","ID":"23703","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Landesbank Baden-W\u00fcrttemberg","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Corporate Finance"},{"Nachname":"Korn","Vorname":"Matthias","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of Financial Solutions","CV":"Matthias is in charge of the Financial Solutions division of Caplantic GmbH, Hannover (Germany). A mayor business field is structuring, placement and modelling of securitisation transactions for capital relief purposes. Additionally Caplantic runs if needed the complete project within the bank itself. Matthias started his career in banking in 1995. Before joining Caplantic Matthias had several positions in banks both on the capital market and risk side with NORD\/LB, DekaBank, Allianz and Dresdner Bank.","Foto":"Korn_Matthias_25145_2015-09-01.jpg","ID":"25145","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Caplantic GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Henkelmann","Vorname":"Stefan","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Dr Stefan Henkelmann, Partner, is a member of the Capital Markets team in the Frankfurt office of Allen & Overy LLP. He has broad experience in advising on German and international capital markets transactions, with a focus on securitisations and other structured finance transactions, as well as restructurings in the capital markets sector. Furthermore, he advises on structured notes and corporate bonds, and on related aspects of financial services regulation and insolvency law. He is a lecturer at the Institute for Law and Finance of the Goethe University Frankfurt.","Foto":"Henkelmann_Stefan_23189_2013-07-19.jpg","ID":"23189","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Allen & Overy LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Sauereisen","Vorname":"Holger","Positionsbeschreibung":"Abteilungsdirektor","CV":"Holger Sauereisen ist Abteilungsdirektor im Bereich Kapitalm\u00e4rkte Handel der DZ BANK AG. Seit 2007 arbeitet er als Senior-Strukturierer im Team \"Verbriefungen Firmenkunden\" und ist verantwortlich f\u00fcr Daten, Modellierung und Regulatorik mit Schwerpunkt auf das europ\u00e4ische ABCP-Programm CORAL. Seit seinem Eintritt in die DZ BANK im Jahr 1999 war er in verschiedenen Bereichen im Kreditrisikomanagement und Risikocontrolling t\u00e4tig. Holger Sauereisen hat an der Universit\u00e4t Stuttgart studiert und ist Diplom-Mathematiker.","Foto":"Sauereisen_Holger_24359_2018-07-16.jpg","ID":"24359","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"DZ BANK AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Verbriefungen Firmenkunden"},{"Nachname":"von Websky","Vorname":"Philipp","Positionsbeschreibung":"Director","CV":"Philipp von Websky (trained lawyer) is a Director and has been with Deloitte since 2001. In the Service Line Credit & Securitisation Advisory he is responsible for projects pertaining to the loan business and loan\/credit transactions (credit treasury, securitisation, asset based finance). His work focuses on Advisory, Assuring Transaction Party und Audit\/Due Diligence. He co-heads the blockchain-in-structured-finance initiative of Deloitte Germany. For details: www.deloitte.com\/de\/csa","Foto":"von Websky_Philipp_25851_2017-09-05.jpg","ID":"25851","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Deloitte GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Credit & Securitisation"},{"Nachname":"Baierlein","Vorname":"Daniel","Positionsbeschreibung":"Local Partner","CV":"Daniel Baierlein ist Rechtsanwalt und Local Partner bei White & Case LLP im Bereich Capital Markets. Er ber\u00e4t inl\u00e4ndische und internationale Banken, Arrangeure, Investoren und Emittenten bei True-Sale- und synthetischen Verbriefungstransaktionen, hybriden Kapitalmarktfinanzierungsstrukturen mit Verbriefungselementen (z.B. Whole Business Securitisations) und sog. FIG Solutions (einschlie\u00dflich Portfoliotransaktionen zum Verkauf von NPL und Unlikely to Pay (UTP), Ver\u00e4u\u00dferung von Gesch\u00e4ftsbereichen und mit Krediten besicherter Fundingtransaktionen). Daniel Baierlein ist weiterhin bei Produktinnovationen im Bereich Green Finance und Digitalisierungsprojekten von (Banken-) Refinanzierungen, wie z.B. Blockchain-Technologien, t\u00e4tig.","Foto":"Baierlein_Daniel_29652_2018-01-31.jpg","ID":"29652","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"White & Case LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Capital Markets \u2013 Structured Finance"},{"Nachname":"Sprunck","Vorname":"Markus","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of Corporate Trust DACH & Client Executive","Foto":"Sprunck_Markus_29828_2018-08-13.jpg","ID":"29828","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"BNY Mellon","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Corporate Trust","CV":null},{"Nachname":"P\u00f6tzsch","Vorname":"Thorsten","Positionsbeschreibung":"Exekutivdirektor Abwicklung","CV":"Dr. Thorsten P\u00f6tzsch ist Exekutivdirektor des Gesch\u00e4ftsbereichs Abwicklung bei der Bundesanstalt f\u00fcr Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht. In seine Zust\u00e4ndigkeit fallen die Aufgabenfelder Abwicklung, Geldw\u00e4schepr\u00e4vention sowie Erlaubnispflicht und Verfolgung unerlaubter Gesch\u00e4fte. Er ist Mitglied der Plenarsitzung des Einheitlichen Abwicklungsausschusses (Singe Resolution Board) in Br\u00fcssel und des Abwicklungskomitees der Europ\u00e4ischen Bankenaufsichtsbeh\u00f6rde EBA. Zudem ist er Mitglied des Herausgeberbeirats der Zeitschrift f\u00fcr Bankrecht und Bankwirtschaft.\r\n\r\nZuvor war Herr Dr. P\u00f6tzsch Mitglied des Leitungsausschusses der Bundesanstalt f\u00fcr Finanzmarktstabilisierung, deren Abwicklungsfunktionen die BaFin aufgrund des FMSA-Neuordnungsgesetzes zum 1. Januar \u00fcbernommen hat. \r\n\r\nHerr Dr. P\u00f6tzsch war viele Jahre in leitenden Funktionen im Bundesministerium der Finanzen t\u00e4tig, unter anderem als Leiter der Unterabteilung Finanzmarktregulierung, nationale und internationale Finanzm\u00e4rkte sowie im Referat B\u00f6rsen- und Wertpapierwesen. Zudem kann er auf mehrj\u00e4hrige Erfahrungen im Bundeskanzleramt und im Bundesministerium der Justiz zur\u00fcckblicken.","Foto":"P\u00f6tzsch_Thorsten_31859_2018-05-14.jpg","ID":"31859","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Bundesanstalt f\u00fcr Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Abwicklung"},{"Nachname":"Ford","Vorname":"Rob","Positionsbeschreibung":"Portfolio Manager, Founding Partner","CV":"Rob is a founding partner of TwentyFour Asset Management and a Portfolio Manager.\r\n \r\nHis main responsibility is managing the firm\u2019s ABS business, its public ABS funds, along with a number of institutional mandates. He also is a member of the firm\u2019s Investment Committee.\r\n \r\nPrior to founding TwentyFour in 2008, Rob previously spent over 20 years at Barclays Capital (formerly BZW) in London as a fixed income trader covering a broad range of instruments, and where he established and managed the floating rate credit trading unit and was a Managing Director and Head of European ABS Trading. Rob has been trading European ABS since their inception in the late 1980s, and as one of the market\u2019s leading authorities on the sector he is also a pivotal member of a number of high level market initiatives, steering groups and industry organisations.","Foto":"Ford_Rob_33061_2018-07-05.jpg","ID":"33061","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"TwentyFour Asset Management","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Portfoliomanagement"},{"Nachname":"Knecht","Vorname":"Matthias","Positionsbeschreibung":"Gesch\u00e4ftsf\u00fchrer","CV":"Dr. Matthias Knecht is a Berlin-based serial entrepreneur and has founded his second Fintech venture, Billie, in 2016.\r\nFrom 2008 to 2014, Matthias was a consultant with McKinsey & Company focusing on clients from the banking, insurance, and private equity sector. Together with his fellow McKinsey colleague, Dr. Christian Grobe, he founded his first Fintech venture, Zencap, in 2014: Europe's fastest growing online lending marketplace for SME loans. In October 2015, Matthias successfully sold Zencap to the global market leader Funding Circle.\r\nAfter this exit, Matthias and Christian teamed up again. Leveraging their Funding Circle experience, they founded their second Fintech venture, Billie. Billie tackles one of the most frequent reasons for bankruptcies of SMEs - liquidity shortages. Billie's fully automated invoice financing platform provides working capital financing for small businesses within minutes. The core of the platform, its fully automated scoring engines and KYC\/AML modules, allow customer onboarding and risk assessment within minutes. The platform makes use of a wide number of public and proprietary data sources that are combined in different scoring modules to assess credit and fraud risk of customers and financed invoices. \r\nMatthias graduated with highest distinction from University Karlsruhe. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Nuremberg and was research scholar at Columbia Business School.","Foto":"Knecht_Matthias_44020_2018-07-31.jpg","ID":"44020","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Billie GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Mausen","Vorname":"Frank","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Frank is managing partner of Allen & Overy. He specialises in securities laws and capital markets regulation, including stock exchange listings. Clients include banks as well as corporate, institutional, supranational and sovereign issuers which he advises on debt and equity transactions and structured finance transactions including securitisation, structured products, covered bonds, IPOs, placements and buy-backs of securities, exchange offers, listing applications and ongoing obligations deriving from such listings. He has 15 years of experience in these areas. \r\nFrank regularly holds conferences on securitisation and other capital markets topics in Luxembourg and abroad. He is a member of the securitisation working group of ALFI (the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry) and the securitisation working group and the financial markets committee of the ABBL (the Luxembourg Bankers\u2019 association). Frank is also a member of the Islamic Finance working group of Luxembourg for Finance (Luxembourg\u2019s agency for the development of the Luxembourg financial centre) and has recently joined the securitisation working group of the HCPF (an advisory committee set-up by the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance aiming modernise Luxembourg\u2019s financial sector legislation).\r\nHe is an active member of our FinTech task force, supporting clients from established financial institutions, incumbents and start-ups in developing innovative products.\r\n\u201cEsteemed by sources as a \u2018leading expert in the market,\u2019 Frank Mausen is highly regarded for securitisation matters and advises banks and other issuers on both debt and equity mandates.\u201d\r\nCHAMBERS GLOBAL\r\n\u2003","Foto":"Mausen_Frank_34985_2017-07-19.jpg","ID":"34985","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Allen & Overy LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"ICM \/ Banking"},{"Nachname":"Lutz","Vorname":"Stephan","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Stephan Lutz is heading of PwC\u2018s Capital Markets Sector and PwC Germany's Brexit activities and projects. In this respect, he advises clients and supervisors on Capital Markets as well as Brexit related issues. This includes capital raising and funding, process set-ups as well as risk management, regulatory and operations projects. Special focus of Stephan's personal work are supporting clients with projects related to SSM (ECB) readiness, ECB Comprehensive Assessment as well as Recovery and Resolution planning. His further functional specialisation is on Liquidity (Risk) Management and Financial Market Infrastructure Access and Regulation. Before joining PwC, Stephan worked for Dresdner Bank, Roland Berger and Deutsche B\u00f6rse AG in advisory and managing roles.","Foto":"Lutz_Stephan_47061_2018-07-06.jpg","ID":"47061","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Capital Markets Lead"},{"Nachname":"Sartorius","Vorname":"Eva","Positionsbeschreibung":"Mitglied der Gesch\u00e4ftsleitung","CV":"Eva Sartorius ist seit 2016 bei der A.B.S. Global Factoring AG verantwortlich f\u00fcr den Marktbereich in Deutschland sowie die Refinanzierung der A.B.S. Gruppe. \r\nMit Tochtergesellschaften in \u00d6sterreich, Slowenien, Schweden und der Schweiz sowie einem breit aufgestellten Refinanzierungs-Mix ist die Refinanzierungsstrategie ein zentrales Thema in der Gruppe und wird aus Deutschland heraus gesteuert. \r\nVor ihrem Eintritt bei der A.B.S. Global Factoring AG war Eva Sartorius f\u00fcr das bundesweite Firmenkundengesch\u00e4ft der HSH Nordbank AG im Bereich Industrie und Dienstleistungen verantwortlich.","Foto":"Sartorius_Eva_48473_2018-08-07.jpg","ID":"48473","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"A.B.S. Global Factoring AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Toncar","Vorname":"Florian","Positionsbeschreibung":"Parliamentary Director and spokesman for financial policy of the FDP parliamentary group in the German Bundestag","CV":"Dr. Florian Toncar is a member of the German Bundestag, parliamentary director and fiscal spokesman of the parliamentary group of the Free Democrats and a full member of the Finance Committee of the German Bundestag. \r\nHe has been a lawyer specializing in banking and financial supervision since 2009 and worked for an international law firm until October 2017. He is specialized on the regulation of banks and financial services.","Foto":"Toncar_Florian_51028_2018-06-08.jpg","ID":"51028","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"Deutscher Bundestag","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Sterr","Vorname":"Kathrin","Positionsbeschreibung":"Eligible Assets and ABSPP","CV":"Kathrin Sterr has been with Deutsche Bundesbank since 2013, where she is working\r\non strategic issues of monetary policy implementation, especially regarding eligible\r\nassets and the ABS purchase programme.\r\nPreviously, Ms Sterr worked in the treasury and M&A department of a German\r\ncompany. She obtained her university degree in Economics, majoring in monetary and\r\neconomic policy, theories of international trade and business information systems at\r\nW\u00fcrzburg University and INSEEC Business School, Paris.","Foto":"Sterr_Kathrin_44072_2017-08-01.jpg","ID":"44072","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Deutsche Bundesbank","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Directorate General Markets - Strategic Issues Division"},{"Nachname":"Theurer","Vorname":"Michael","Positionsbeschreibung":"Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestages","CV":"Michael Theurer MdB ist Dipl.-Volkswirt und Oberb\u00fcrgermeister a.D. seiner Heimatstadt Horb am Neckar. Seit 1991 ist er Mitglied des FDP-Landesvorstandes, seit 2013 Vorsitzender der FDP Baden-W\u00fcrttemberg. Er ist Mitglied im FDP-Bundespr\u00e4sidium und im Bundesvorstand. \r\nVon 2001-2009 war er Landtagsabgeordneter in Baden-W\u00fcrttemberg, von 2009-2017 Mitglied des Europ\u00e4ischen Parlaments. \r\n\r\nSeit der Bundestagswahl 2017 ist er als stellvertretender Vorsitzender der FDP-Bundestagsfraktion und Vorsitzender des Arbeitskreises II f\u00fcr Wirtschaft, Energie, Arbeit, Soziales, Gesundheit und Tourismus zust\u00e4ndig.\r\n\r\nBildrechte:\r\n\u00a9 Deutscher Bundestag \/Stella von Saldern","Foto":"Theurer_Michael_47653_2018-08-09.jpg","ID":"47653","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Deutscher Bundestag","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Craske","Vorname":"Merryn","Positionsbeschreibung":"Counsel","CV":"Merryn Craske is a Counsel in the Banking & Finance practice in Mayer Brown\u2019s London office. She has advised banks, originators and others on numerous securitisation and structured finance transactions in a range of asset classes including trade receivables, dealer floorplan receivables, insurance premium loans, auto loans and leases, residential mortgages, commercial mortgages and consumer loans, across a variety of jurisdictions. She is closely following regulatory developments in relation to securitisation. She also has experience of other banking and finance transactions including secured lending, project finance, acquisition finance, derivatives and debt capital markets.\r\nPrior to joining Mayer Brown in 2017, Merryn worked at three other major international law firms, including a year in New York, and one of the big three rating agencies, and has also had secondments to the securitisation teams of two leading banks.","Foto":"Craske_Merryn_51132_2018-08-07.jpg","ID":"51132","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Mayer Brown LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Kerr","Vorname":"Gordon","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of Structured Finance Research, Europe","CV":"Gordon Kerr heads European Structured Finance Research at DBRS. He publishes commentary and insight on all aspects of securitised and covered bond investing and keeps the market up to date on issues facing securitisation in Europe. Prior to DBRS, Gordon spent 9 years in research and trading at Citi, covering securitised products, covered bonds and corporate credit. Gordon is a graduate of the Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he obtained a Masters in Business Administration. He also holds a science degree from Acadia University.","Foto":"Kerr_Gordon_30946_2018-01-23.jpg","ID":"30946","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"DBRS Ratings Limited","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"European Securitised Products Strategy"},{"Nachname":"Deusch","Vorname":"Hannes","Positionsbeschreibung":"Counsel","CV":"Hannes Deusch, Counsel, has been with Clifford Chance's Frankfurt Banking & Capital Markets practice since January 2011. He is part of Clifford Chance's Frankfurt Structured Finance Group and advises major banks, international corporations and professional service providers on international structured finance transactions and real estate restructuring transactions. His particular focus lies on advising on the securitisation of trade receivables in various industry sectors.","Foto":"Deusch_Hannes_32719_2018-07-24.jpg","ID":"32719","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Clifford Chance Deutschland LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Banking & Capital Markets, Structured Debt"},{"Nachname":"Erdle","Vorname":"Joachim","Positionsbeschreibung":"Leiter Bereich Corporate Finance","CV":"Joachim Erdle leitet seit September 2016 den Bereich Corporate Finance in der Landesbank Baden-W\u00fcrttemberg (LBBW). Dieser wurde gebildet durch die Zusammenf\u00fchrung der Produkteinheiten Konsortialkredit, Acquisition Finance, Schuldscheindarlehen, Anleihen, ABS und diverse Advisory-Einheiten. F\u00fcr die Kredit- und Advisory-Einheiten war Joachim Erdle bereits seit 2012 zust\u00e4ndig und hat den integrierten Corporate Finance-Ansatz in der Landesbank Baden-W\u00fcrttemberg etabliert.\r\nIn den Vorjahren war er als Gesch\u00e4ftsf\u00fchrer der S\u00fcd Beteiligungen GmbH, Managing Director bei der Soci\u00e9t\u00e9 G\u00e9n\u00e9rale in Frankfurt, als Gruppenleiter Leveraged Finance bei der Landesbank Baden-W\u00fcrttemberg sowie im Corporate Banking t\u00e4tig. In seiner \u00fcber 26-j\u00e4hrigen Berufspraxis hat er umfangreiche Erfahrung im Bereich Corporate und Investment Banking sowie Private Equity gesammelt. Schwerpunkt bildet hierbei insbesondere die Beratung, Begleitung und Finanzierung mittelst\u00e4ndischer Unternehmen bzw. Unternehmern bei der Umsetzung von strategischen Projekten. Herr Erdle hat an der Berufsakademie (heute Duale Hochschule Baden-W\u00fcrttemberg) studiert und ist Diplom-Betriebswirt (BA).","Foto":"Erdle_Joachim_34119_2017-08-17.jpg","ID":"34119","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Landesbank Baden-W\u00fcrttemberg","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Doran","Vorname":"Michael","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Michael is partner in Baker McKenzie\u2019s Banking & Finance group in London \u2013 and has extensive experience advising on a wide range of finance transactions including NPL acquisitions and financings, bond and debt restructurings, sovereign advisory work (including sovereign debt restructurings) and equity linked bonds. His clients include private equity \/ credit funds, sovereign governments, investment banks, state owned entities and state agencies, supranational banks and multinational corporations. \r\n\r\nSince 2013, he has also advised purchasers on a wide range of NPL Portfolio acquisitions \u2013 including commercial property loans, mixed asset real estate loans and aviation, renewables and shipping assets across the UK, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia, Spain and Central Europe. He regularly advises lending banks in the financing of such NPL acquisitions, as well.","Foto":"Doran_Michael_51363_2018-08-13.jpg","ID":"51363","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Baker & McKenzie LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Kreppel","Vorname":"Ulf","Positionsbeschreibung":"Partner","CV":"Ulf Kreppel is a Partner at Jones Day in the Banking & Finance department. His main\r\nadvisory fields are structured finance, securitisation, asset based lending,\r\nrestructuring, supervisory law and derivatives. His clients include national and\r\ninternational financial institutions, financial and insurance companies and private\r\nequity companies. In addition to the traditional asset classes, such as real estate\r\nloans, trade and lease receivables and consumer loans, Ulf Kreppel has extensive\r\nexpertise in a number of innovative asset classes, including, for example, life\r\ninsurance policies and student loans. In the field of structured covered bonds, Ulf\r\nKreppel has recently provided advise in several refinancing transactions. Within the\r\nGerman True Sale Initiative, Mr Kreppel provides regular advice on planned new\r\nlegislation, recently in connection with CRD IV. In the German financial market Mr\r\nKreppel is frequently recommended as an adviser.","Foto":"Kreppel_Ulf_10402_2015-07-30.jpg","ID":"10402","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Jones Day","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Lange","Vorname":"Andreas A.","Positionsbeschreibung":"Rechtsanwalt, Partner","CV":"Andreas Lange advises predominantly in the area of securitization (loan, lease and trade receivables) and other types of asset-backed financing (asset-based lending, supply chain). He has also considerable experience in derivatives, credit financing and regulatory questions. In the recent years he has acted as counsel for the restructuring of structured products (partially in connection with the Financial Market Stabilisation Act).","Foto":"Lange_Andreas A._13827_2017-07-18.jpg","ID":"13827","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Mayer Brown LLP","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Banking & Finance"},{"Nachname":"Froitzheim","Vorname":"Robert O.","Positionsbeschreibung":"Director Treasury \u2013 Securitization & Issuance","CV":"Robert Froitzheim is Director in the Treasury Issuance and Securitisation team with Deutsche Bank. Since 1997 he is active in the Portfolio Management area and participated in portfolio transaction in the size of more than initial 120 bn EUR. Amongst others, synthetic and class true sale securitizations, Italian Banco Hypotecario, Spanish Cedula, establishment of the Pfandbrief for DB AG and Management of Cover Pool, structured unregulated Covered Bond, Financial Guarantees. He holds an MBA of the University of Cologne. His career started with Sal. Oppenheim, periods followed at DB in Futures & Options and Business Development for Corporate Clients.","Foto":"Froitzheim_Robert O._15434_2014-08-22.jpg","ID":"15434","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Deutsche Bank AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Treasury \u2013 Securitization & Issuance"},{"Nachname":"Ridder","Vorname":"Thomas","Positionsbeschreibung":"Teamleiter","CV":"Thomas Ridder leitet seit 2007 die Gruppe \u201eVerbriefungen Genossenschaftsbanken\u201c. Das Team ber\u00e4t und unterst\u00fctzt Genossenschaftsbanken in allen Fragen der Kreditportfolioanalyse und der operativen Portfoliosteuerung. In den Verantwortungsbereich des Teams f\u00e4llt auch das Management der \u201eVR Circle Plattform\u201c \u2013 der zentralen Plattform zur Risikodiversifikation innerhalb der Genossenschaftlichen FinanzGruppe. Zuvor war Thomas Ridder mehrere Jahre im Kreditportfoliomanagement der DZ BANK t\u00e4tig. Er hat an der Universit\u00e4t Mannheim Volkswirtschaftslehre studiert und dort im Fach Statistik promoviert.","Foto":"Ridder_Thomas_17801_2014-02-21.jpg","ID":"17801","Titel":"Dr.","Firmenbezeichnung":"DZ BANK AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Verbriefungen Genossenschaftsbanken"},{"Nachname":"Hummel","Vorname":"Florian","Positionsbeschreibung":"Direktor, Leiter Leasing & Verbriefung","CV":"Florian Hummel leitet das Leasing- und Verbriefungsteam der BayernLB in M\u00fcnchen und London. Im Bereich Leasing ist die BayernLB in Deutschland f\u00fchrender Refinanzierer von gro\u00dfen sowie von gr\u00f6\u00dferen mittelst\u00e4ndischen Leasinggesellschaften. Im Bereich Verbriefung ist die BayernLB in Deutschland eine der f\u00fchrenden Banken in der Verbriefung von Handels-, Leasing-, Mietkauf und Konsumentenforderungen. Herr Hummel ist seit 2012 bei der BayernLB t\u00e4tig. Vor seinem Wechsel zur BayernLB war er Rechtsanwalt bei Clifford Chance im Bereich Structured Debt und Securitisation. Florian Hummel ist Volljurist und hat in Regensburg und Aberdeen studiert.","Foto":"Hummel_Florian_24591_2013-10-15.jpg","ID":"24591","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Bayerische Landesbank","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Leasing & Verbriefung"},{"Nachname":"Renner","Vorname":"Matthias","Positionsbeschreibung":"Head of Division Investment Banking","CV":"Matthias Renner ist seit September 2012 Bereichsleiter f\u00fcr Investment Banking bei der Raiffeisen Bank International, einer der gr\u00f6\u00dften \u00d6sterreichischen Bankengruppen, t\u00e4tig. Zus\u00e4tzlich ist Herr Renner Leiter der RBI Niederlassungen in D\u00fcsseldorf und London. Er besitzt 25 Jahre Berufserfahrung im kapitalmarkt-nahen Firmenkundengesch\u00e4ft und besch\u00e4ftigt sich seit 1993 mit Verbriefungen und forderungsbasierten Finanzierungen im In- und Ausland. Neben den westeurop\u00e4ischen M\u00e4rkten fokussiert Herr Renner insbesondere auf die Weiterentwicklung der Verbriefungsm\u00e4rkte in Osteuropa.\r\n\r\nBevor Matthias Renner zur Raiffeisen Bank International wechselte arbeitete er lange Jahre bei der WestLB in verschiedenen Positionen, zuletzt als Gesch\u00e4ftsbereichsleiter Corporates- und Structured Finance Products.\r\nMatthias Renner war von Juni 2004 bis August 2012 Vorsitzender der Gesellschafterversammlung der TSI.\r\n\r\nEr verf\u00fcgt \u00fcber einen Abschlu\u00df als Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieur der\r\nUniversit\u00e4t Karlsruhe.","Foto":"Renner_Matthias_27486_2013-07-17.jpg","ID":"27486","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Raiffeisen Bank International AG","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"Investment Banking Products"},{"Nachname":"Herzog","Vorname":"Mathias","Positionsbeschreibung":"Director, CMBS","CV":"Mathias is a Senior analyst in the EMEA Commercial Credit (CLO and CMBS) team, with main responsibility to lead a team of European CMBS analysts at S&P Global Ratings and is currently based in Frankfurt. Mathias joined S&P in 2006 in London, monitoring a large portfolio of European CMBS transactions and ensuring the real-time accuracy of ratings. From 2011 until the end of 2017, he spent six years in New York, analyzing transactions backed by real estate assets across the United States. Before he joined S&P, Mathias was a portfolio manager at Allianz, where he secured the international diversification of Allianz\u2019s real estate portfolio. Mathias holds a degree in real estate from Berufsakademie Sachsen.","Foto":"Herzog_Mathias_23688_2018-07-31.jpg","ID":"23688","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"S&P Global Ratings Europe Limited","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":""},{"Nachname":"Walf","Vorname":"Sebastian","Positionsbeschreibung":"Managing Director","CV":"Sebastian joint Citi\u2019s structured finance team in 2002 and his current focus is on arranging financing for alternative financing providers including private equity, direct lenders and marketplace lending platforms. He arranged structured finance transactions with a total volume of over USD 40 billion covering all major asset classes including residential and commercial mortgages, SMEs, mid market loans, consumer loans, auto loans and credit cards. \r\n\r\nSebastian worked on the financing of several newly established lending platforms across Europe and he executed facilities for Fintech marketplace lenders in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.\r\n\r\nSebastian holds a BA degree in business administration (specialized in finance) from University of Cooperative Education in Stuttgart and an MBA with distinction from City University\u2019s Cass Business School in London.","Foto":"Walf_Sebastian_24892_2015-08-17.jpg","ID":"24892","Titel":"","Firmenbezeichnung":"Citibank N.A., London Branch","Funktion":"Referent","Abteilung":"European Securitisation"}]}}