Aldo Romani

Deputy Head of Division - Euro Funding
European Investment Bank

A graduate in monetary and financial economics of Bocconi University in Milan, Aldo is Deputy Head of Funding, Euro, at the European Investment Bank, the largest multilateral issuer and the largest issuer of Green Bonds to date. Aldo began to integrate social responsibility considerations into EIB’s funding strategy in 2007, shaping the first Green Bond ever in that year and overseeing EIB’s EUR Green Bond issuance since. He structured the due diligence and upgrade of EIB’s Green Bond administration in 2014, coordinated the IFI- and GBP-working groups on impact reporting harmonization in 2015/2016, and managed the KPMG-audit leading to the first Independent Reasonable Assurance Report of EIB’s entire Green Bond practice (issuance, administration and reporting) of September 2016. He has coordinated EIB’s cooperation with PBOC/CGFC on green bond harmonisation (Joint White Paper of 11/2017) as well as the technical and market-related contributions to the EC’s HLEG on a green taxonomy for the use of proceeds. Engagement and results have won him broad market recognition, witnessed by Global Capital’s Awards as “Overall Most Impressive Green/SRI Bond Funding Official” in 2015, 2016 and 2017 as well as Environmental Finance Magazine’s Green Bond Award as “Personality of the year” in 2018.